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  • obamasuxcockwithnegrolips obamasuxcockwithnegrolips Sep 2, 2012 1:11 AM Flag

    president obama's accomplishments

    Whiteknight is correct!!!

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    • Wow -- What an election !!! The crystal clear difference between a RADICAL $OCIALI$T (OweBama) and a PROVEN BUSINESS LEADER (Romney) with PRO-CAPITALISM GROWTH POLICIES FOR MORE JOBS.

      On one side, you have the THUG TEAM (Led by Radical $ocialist Owe-Bama) -- throwing out personal insult attacks -- SAYING ANYTHING to distract from a RECORD OF FAILURE -- as the quality of life of the average Middle Class American has witnessed RISING FOOD COSTS, RISING ENERGY COSTS and RISING UTILITY COSTS. OweBama's solution is to RAISE TAXES, INCREASE SPENDING (More Debt -- Putting the USA on a DIRECT PATH TO ECONOMIC DISASTER like Greece).

      On the other side, you hear about a man of personal integrity and honesty -- whose company that he founded, BAIN CAPITAL, has created over 100,000 jobs -- which are still in existence TODAY !!!!!!!!! How did he do it? -- By turning around failing businesses for the most part. This type of man is EXACTLY what America needs at this very time in history !!!!!

      APPLE lobbied the OweBama Admin. for a Tax Repatriation Holiday to STOP DOUBLE-TAXATION. OweBama refused. This STOPPED over $1 Trillion Dollars being held overseas -- from coming DIRECTLY BACK TO AMERICA -- and stimulating the USA economy !!!!! What was OweBama thinking ??? Most EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRY in the world allows its corporation to bring money (ALREADY TAXES overseas in a Foreign Tax Jurisdiction) to come back to their home country without a DOUBLE-TAX. This is just ONE EXAMPLE of the hately, hurting economic policies of OweBama.

      Check-out ROMNEY's ECONOMIC PLAN -- See below (directly from the Romney website).......(The USA would be the envy of the world with this plan)

      Mitt Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class
      A Plan For More Jobs And More Take-Home Pay

      Energy Independence

      • Increase access to domestic energy resources
      • Streamline permitting for exploration and
      • Eliminate regulations destroying the coal industry
      • Approve the Keystone XL pipeline

      The Skills To Succeed

      • Give every family access to a great school and
      quality teachers
      • Provide access to affordable and effective higher
      education options
      • Focus job training programs on building valuable
      skills that align with opportunities
      • Attract and retain the best and the brightest from
      around the world

      Trade That Works For America

      • Curtail the unfair trade practices of countries
      like China
      • Open new markets for American goods and services
      • Build stronger economic ties in Latin America
      • Create a Reagan Economic Zone to strengthen free
      enterprise around the world

      Cut The Deficit

      • Immediately reduce non-security discretionary
      spending by five percent
      • Cap federal spending below twenty percent of
      the economy
      • Give states responsibility for programs that they can
      implement more effectively
      • Consolidate agencies and align compensation
      of federal workers with their private-sector

      Champion Small Business

      • Reduce taxes on job creation through individual and
      corporate tax reform
      • Stop the increases in regulation that are tangling job
      creators in red tape
      • Protect workers and businesses from strong-arm
      labor union tactics
      • Replace Obamacare with real health care reform
      that controls cost and improves care

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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