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  • white_knight_in_texas white_knight_in_texas Sep 4, 2012 9:57 PM Flag

    23 million Americans are struggling for work, and unemployment has been above eight percent for 42 straight months

    ROMNEY has a SUCCESSFUL RECORD -- having created over 100,000 jobs (still in existence today), having balanced a budget shortfall in Massachusetts, having saved the Olympics from disaster, etc. etc.


    Governor Romney's work at Bain Capital was about
    fixing companies that were broken and giving new companies a shot at success.

    Building Businesses, Creating Jobs
    Governor Romney's time at Bain Capital was spent fixing struggling businesses and giving new businesses a shot at success. From 1984, when Romney co-founded the firm, to February 1999 when he left to lead the Olympics, Romney helped save thousands of jobs at companies that were in trouble. And the businesses Romney helped start while at Bain Capital employ more than 100,000 people today.

    Since Bain Capital's founding, the company has had a remarkable record of success, especially considering that it largely invests with struggling or startup enterprises. Eighty percent of Bain Capital's portfolio companies have increased revenues, and only five percent of the companies under its control have filed for bankruptcy. Romney's work not only helped to save and create jobs, it also provided returns to investors, the majority of which were pension funds for retirees, university endowments helping with financial aid, and charities serving their local communities.

    This experience helped Romney fix a scandal-plagued and debt-ridden Olympics in 2002 and to fix a budget shortfall in Massachusetts. He knows how to provide strong leadership in challenging times, and he will bring that experience with him to the White House to fix America's broken economy and to create jobs for the millions of Americans who are out of work.

    The Obama campaign's attacks on business and free enterprise aren't just false; they explain why we aren't creating jobs. They reveal what this President really thinks about free enterprise. This is the most anti-business President in memory, and the results are clear: 23 million Americans are struggling for work, and unemployment has been above eight percent for 42 straight months. It's time to make a change to someone who understands the private sector and can get America working again.

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    • The LIAR$ said that Romney does not have an ECONOMIC PLAN to fix the mess that OWE-bama has put America in.

      Well, here it is..........ROMNEY's SIMPLE 5-POINT PLAN to TURN AMERICA AROUND......

      But, first... a few words about the MAD MAX NEIGHBORHOOD that will be the END-RESULT if and when OWE-bama were to get elected for 4 more years......

      If the American people re-elect OWE-bama, then I hereby WARN you of the following:

      * FOOD RIOTS -- Food prices will soar to the point of UNAFFORDABLE;

      * GASOLINE PRICES HIGHER -- Expect $5.00/Gallon which will be UNAFFORDABLE;

      * ELECTRICITY & UTILITY BILLS UNAFFORDABLE -- Seniors/Poor (The People that OWE-bama lie$ directly to the most -- to steal their votes) will be left OUT IN THE COLD – unable to pay their bills.

      This country is IN IMMINENT DANGER -- for each of the above reasons.

      Check-out ROMNEY's ECONOMIC PLAN -- See below (directly from the Romney website).......(The USA would be the envy of the world with this plan)

      Mitt Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class
      A Plan For More Jobs And More Take-Home Pay

      Energy Independence

      • Increase access to domestic energy resources
      • Streamline permitting for exploration and
      • Eliminate regulations destroying the coal industry
      • Approve the Keystone XL pipeline

      The Skills To Succeed

      • Give every family access to a great school and
      quality teachers
      • Provide access to affordable and effective higher
      education options
      • Focus job training programs on building valuable
      skills that align with opportunities
      • Attract and retain the best and the brightest from
      around the world

      Trade That Works For America

      • Curtail the unfair trade practices of countries
      like China
      • Open new markets for American goods and services
      • Build stronger economic ties in Latin America
      • Create a Reagan Economic Zone to strengthen free
      enterprise around the world

      Cut The Deficit

      • Immediately reduce non-security discretionary
      spending by five percent
      • Cap federal spending below twenty percent of
      the economy
      • Give states responsibility for programs that they can
      implement more effectively
      • Consolidate agencies and align compensation
      of federal workers with their private-sector

      Champion Small Business

      • Reduce taxes on job creation through individual and
      corporate tax reform
      • Stop the increases in regulation that are tangling job
      creators in red tape
      • Protect workers and businesses from strong-arm
      labor union tactics
      • Replace Obamacare with real health care reform
      that controls cost and improves care

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