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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Sep 13, 2012 9:23 PM Flag

    Ambassador sodomized before being murdered

    Just reported that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was raped and sodomized before being murdered yesterday. Obama's naivety will get us all killed. As Governor Romney correctly asserted 'we are living in very dangerous times.' Obama must go!

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    • aragre@sbcglobal.net aragre Sep 14, 2012 3:07 AM Flag

      You are total trash

    • Would some of you listen to your yourselves?? Unreal! And you're supposed to be living in an "educated" society in the 21st Century?

      I'm talking about those of you who say things like: "Let's nuke them dirty Arabs", or "yeah Romney wouldn't have stand for this" Well, BULL%^&! He couldn't have possibly prevented the Libyan massacre, so the best he can do is be a "Monday morning QB"!! We already saw what GWB did with all the war mongering theology. Look at Iraq, GWB's export-democracy-by-force-sham-of-a-pet-project, now in almost control of Iran. Why do you think most of the sanctions have not effectively worked against Iran? Well, for one is because Iran transports their "boycotted" oil across the border and sells it through Iraqi channels to other countries. At least when that stupid Saddam was there, those countries were enemies and wouldn't help each other out.

      And to those who say: "Let's nuke them dirty Arabs" -- What is the difference between you and those in Cairo who mobbed the US embassy and climbed the walls and burn the flag? They saw a video clip that was made by ONE person in US and so they assumed all Americans are making fun or insult their religion and then this idiot cleric on TV calls to storm the embassy and the sheep follows. Well, that idiot film maker is not even an American, and on top of that, he is a Christian Egyptian living in California! You think if they waited a couple of days to find out he is one of their own they would've done the same? Maybe not, maybe so, but that's because they are "uneducated".

      And then a non-confirmed rape story appears in a Lebanese newspaper and some of you jump to conclusion and say let's nuke the dirty Arabs?? Did you know that most media in Lebanon is under the control of another group of idiot terrorists called Hamas? I hope the story isn't true, but even if it is, don't we have to let justice takes its course? I mean we live in USA the country wrote the "justice" system, we are not a lynch-mob society!

      I think 90% or maybe more of the terrorist who has done harm to us have been killed. US will find them and kill them eventually, you've seen the stories on TV. We found Bin Laden and killed him, right? After 10+ years and wasting trillions of dollars attacking Iraq and Afghanistan and getting over 5000 of our own soldiers, how did we get Bin Laden? And was he in Afghanistan? No, he was living next door. We didn't find him by attacking the two countries. We could've done it the way we did or the other way -- rushed to some stupid judgment and attacked!

      God gave us all a brain; let's use it before jumping the gun! When are we gonna learn?

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    • Unfortunately - I don't know how Romney could've stopped this. We need to move our people out of these countries. Let them wipe each other out. Work with Israel though and get some realistic energy initiatives going - not ethanol when the same land can be used to produce food for starving nations. I posted a solution on to easily isolate and remove the extremists from these nations but Yahoo deleted it.

    • As the muslems come rushing in during the video at our embassies, have the marines kill them all. Everyone happy.

    • Everybody including lib news media was portraying these jerks as freedom fighting heroes during so called A Rab spring. I said they were heathens that jumped up and down and shot guns into the air and that nothing good would come of this. They need a dictator to keep them in line. They care nothing about being civilized. They have sex w goats and little boys and treat their women like crap. They call themselves Holy? We need to cut off all our tax $$.

    • If you think Mitt Romney would have stopped this you are a true fool. Don't tell me you support Romney AND you own Apple stock? Now there's an oxy#$%$!!

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    • was it a legitimate rape?

    • Interesting news...where can I get this officially?

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    • ANIMALS!!!!!!!

    • This whole thing is getting very bad.

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