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  • obamasuxcockwithnegrolips obamasuxcockwithnegrolips Sep 17, 2012 11:50 PM Flag

    Question For Board. Help me out.

    You will get it at 700 easy... It may be during the middle part of the day or even later in the week. All kidding aside... The problem with doing a buy stop order is you end up buying at 725 and then they drop the stock to 700 ten minutes after you buy it. Holding 700 is the test!! AAPL could run to 725, but I would seriously hold off on chasing this run. I just don't believe we are "going straight up" from here.

    I shouldn't have been a dousche to the other guy. Sorry!!

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    • No problem. It takes a man to admit a mistake. Your analysis is correct if you have time to watch and timed the market. You're also correct that AAPL is getting ahead of itself so a pullback is reasonable to assume. The problem is when would this happen? The Docs does not have time to watch the market... so likewise, most professional fund manager put in a buy-stop price after careful analysis where the stock break resistant level and potentially heading much higher before the a buy-stop potentially become a new support level if the stock upward trend is held. Anyway, if Docs believe in the long-term and upward trend of AAPL... 700, 705, 725, 695, 690, 680... does not matter too much tomorrow. What matter most is what price he's willing to pay tomorrow and not missed the boat. We use the same analysis from 300-400 level and from 400-500, or 500-600 level... yes, we've had a huge move upward... but the RSI is still not in overbought condition. So I believe, this stock still have some leg to move higher before your pullback. From now until the end of the year, I don't see any major scenario for a major pullback. So a $750 year-end target with some minor pullback is reasonable. Unless, China get into war and our congress screw up with the fiscal cliff. Still judging from the RSI turning up, I don't see major sell-off as we heading into the holiday season. AAPL did a great job of timing this launch. Nonetheless, Docs, don't put in a price of $750 buy-stop tomorrow because it's unrealistic. Example, if you believe $700-702 is a major resistant level then the buy-stop of $704-705 is reasonable...essentially, the order will not execute in the AM until it break resistant level and stay above it and head above $704 or your price before executing. Likewise, if it can't hold 700, 702, 703 then we'll get a minor pullback so you can also place a limit order at the price you truly willing to pay. You can place both order at the same time... which ever executed first, you'll cancel the other order. Place a notification on both orders.

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