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  • nggrobama nggrobama Oct 3, 2012 2:34 PM Flag

    Obama will forecast technology expansion that is why all tech are moving

    Bill Clinton did not do anything to balance the budget. The internet boom took off and money was flowing hard. It had nothing to do with Bill Clinton you simpleton. Now let us move to present day. Obama has run the national debt to a level Bill clinton and eight other presidents combined never hit. There is no internet boom. The fed is basicly printing money and this is why the market is going up. meanwhile, unemployeement is at a 100 year high! Groceries cost 40% more in just three years time... gas is double and more people are having to rely on welfare than at any time in our previous history.

    If you really are dumb enough to believe Obama is a Bill Clinton... LOL... you are delusional. Bill Clinton did not have a master plan to implement socialism... Obam does. He hates America and he hates white people. He is intentionally trying to destroy our country and ignorant jag offs like you don't get it... all you care about is voting for someone your own color. You are truly stupid.

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