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  • wallstreetgreek wallstreetgreek Oct 5, 2012 3:59 PM Flag


    I addressed exactly that topic in a two part article series. In the first article, I write about the pros of an AAPL stock split. In the second, I cover why AAPL might not split. In conclusion, I said I thought AAPL should offer another class of shares, similarly to how Google and Berkshire have. Just search for "Time to Split Apple" and "The Case Against an Apple Stock Split". Both are in the AAPL news feed here at Yahoo Finance, so you can find them there too.

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    • Yes they should split 10 or 20 for 1. No they will not do it. They are (mistakenly) against splitting. Too bad they do not understand investor perception that high share price equates to expensive (as opposed to understanding price relative to value).

      I've told at least 50 people apple's price from doctors, to lawyers to professional finance people. Not a single one didn't balk and make a comment or gasp how expensive the stock was. Nobody asked how much they earned or how much cash they had. All they saw was the price. People of all walks are simple. Apple understands this with their products which is why they are successful. They do not understand it when it comes to their stock.

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    • dont waste your time. i will write 2 sentences that should convince you once and for all. first , please refer to any split with msft, dell, intc and csco and see how they have done past decade. second, apple board of directors ,led by al gore, are totally aginst a split .

    • Now you mention the second class of shares, as Goog has YET TO DO !!! They still have not done anything with it. Now, since they do not have Voting you think they will trade at the same price as the real McCoy's ? Not a chance. This will end up being a disaster for Goog. No way will these be 'valued' issue of stock. They'll have the $700 locomotive, and a $7.00 mini-cart.

      Very stupid move, and I bet they re-think the entire matter.

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