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  • highway_1999 highway_1999 Oct 21, 2012 7:38 AM Flag

    Re:Why I feel that the mother of all rise in the stock market is coming

    I just bought aapl on last friday because I feel the stock market is getting ready for a sharp rise specially if Romney gets elected.
    1. we had a correction in the last week or so.
    2. it is true that the stock market has risen under Mr. Obama but companies need to expand further and increase their business. For that we need the approx. 3 trillion dollars sitting on the side line waiting to be invested. If Mr. Obama is re-elected market will rise steadly but if Mr. Romney is elected there will be a vast expansion in investments in capitalized goods and hence higher sales and profit.
    3. we can expand all around the world. Case in point India and China. With over 2.8 billion people nobody can tell me that if McDonald expands in those countries sales will not be brisk. Similarly there are other high growth economies such as brazil, argentina, mexico, canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, Czech, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Philliphine, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Germany, France, Britain, Australia etc. etc. etc. etc. Don't tell me aapl's products are not in high demand in these countries because they are in high demand.
    4. In my opinion the time to buy stocks is now. Because after the election there will be a huge scrambling to fill orders so this is the ideal time. MARK MY WORDS ON THIS OCCASION.

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    • So thier's going to be a lot of scrabling to buy. "Ahh" no one can get any shares of anything it's going to be like a mad house..
      What's he drinking

    • The stock market trend has been up since the Great Depression of 1929 no thanks to Obama as his socialist tendencies if not checked will sooner rather than later end that great trend. The only reason it has not as yet is because boomers are 100% stock oriented and will continue such philosophy unless a real game changing hurtle as Obama enters the scene. Boomers are hoping it will be Romney because you are correct and I agree Romney is perfect for the times and will set off the greatest growth boom ever!!

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      • all this new ignorance talking about the socialism of Obama. Guess what he is just trying to keep in place the ideals and programs that MADE this country great. And if Dems are social minded what does that make neocons? they are truely antisocial creatures. and they are truely regressive.
        Screw everyone but those like them, and take the country back to robber-baron days. If you think that's inaccurate you are simply naive.

    • Agree 100%. When Romney is elected the market explodes IMO as those few trillion $ get put to work (will also see employment numbers jump as recruiting immediately expands as part of that spending).
      Joker in the pack is the empty suit getting reelected, in which case those $ go abroad and all bets are off. So the polls up to Nov 6 are impt in getting into positions

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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