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  • randominvestor Nov 2, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    I don't get it

    Spare me the obviously biased short comments. But I am completely at a loss to describe why FB can command a 60-80 P/E while AAPL gets 13, even less ex-cash. FB going from profits last year to losses this year. AAPL increasing profits at greater than 20%. Throw the "noone wants Apple products" #$%$ at me all you want, their profit history for the last 5 years says otherwise. There is still significant growth internationally. Will they grow like this for another 10 years?? Who knows, my guess is no. Can they do it for another 3-4 years? Most likely when you include international markets. At which point, I highly doubt they will see negative growth, but probably sustainment or a more realistic 5-10% growth given how large they are. Of course, all this is moot if they come out with another surprise product.

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    • Simple. The high share price and heavy institutional ownership caused an environment in which many of the "tradeable" shares were on an unsupportable price base. The institutions were "all in" and were just holding regardless of the "buy" recommendations. When savvy AAPL millionaires who rode this up from low levels wanted to cut their risk they increased the "tradeable" float. This caused tankage that spooked some institutions who also dumped. Further bad news from the AAPL supply story added fuel to this. AAPL has lost its innovative edge with the loss of Jobs. This happened years ago on a smallere scale when they fired Jobs replacing him with Scully. The AAPL board has never "gotten it". This time they have thrown most of their eggs in one basket and companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Google, Samsung and others are not going to let up. AAPL has run out of time to reinvent itself at least for the next 25 years.

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    • The days of "NBA", Nothing But Apple, are over. It is no longer immune to the concerns and realities of institutional investors.

      At present, sentiment for the stock has changed. The stock is not perceived as bullet proof. Technical averages have been violated. Politics, profits, de-leveraging, year end tax issues are now at play. Never the less, great company. Great investment. Tough trade.

    • Because aapl f up. That's why

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      • Do you really need to be explained how things work pal. Okay here u go.

        The United States is a corporation.

        The president is the CEO
        Congress is the Board of Directors
        Judicial is HR

        Shareholders are the corporations and businesses-- owners, executive teams
        U S citizen is the white or blue collar worker in the corporation.

        CEO, HR and Board of Directors report to the shareholders.

        You liberals #$%$ off the shareholders...So they are unloading on their stocks...making the white collar worker(Wallstreet thugs) sell all of your investment portfolios(blue collar worker) while the short the market and sell the calls. They are pillaging the village(again) and punishing you. They have done this so many times I can't even keep track anymore. They are going to fleece your investments monies like the did before, then make you beg for your jobs back, send u to the poor house, while they still get richer.

        Welcome to Corporate America and you aren't a shareholder...

        Don't #$%$ off the shareholders dummies....

    • Son, give it a rest. Everything to people like you is "biased" so long as it's not what you want to hear. Market is pushing down the stock, get over it, it doesn't have to make sense and it sure as heck doesn't matter if you like it or not...humans run the show (ie, emotional intelligence). I never hear people like you trying to explain the "why" when Apple explodes $100 up basically on nothing...oh then it's perfectly sensable right? You may not want to hear it but open your eyes, Apple is losing it's lead over competitors and regardless about the lack of intelligence around it, people do get nervous with high stock prices (yeah, I get all the value matrices, compared to sales growth, PEG, pe's, etc, etc again, no one cares). Products are still great but over the last few releases, I'm somewhat concerned about the erosion of thier innovation. Even Cook said that the company will be more involved with evolving their products as opposed to breaking gound on new products. So, looking far into the future (sarcastic) like a year away, what will the Iphone 6 look like? Better camera? C,mon...the "mini" ipad..yawn...I do have a I5 and being totally honest, I'm not impressived and feel like I should have bought the I4s. Wife has a Galaxy III and honestly, she loves it (yes, she uses my phone too but still likes the gal more). Anyway, for what it's worth, good luck.

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    • One word. Options. Have you seen the premiums on this? Who needs the stock to move. Write calls and collect weekly money. hat's the game. But twice this year I made a bunch on calls. They needed to get that back. I have now lost all of the gains.

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    • Too many funds and individuals own this stock; market cap is too high. 20% growth is a dream that apple fans have. Year over year in the decemeber quarter, they are expected to decrease in earnings. That is just the start. This company will not grow in 2013. That means momentum over in the stock . I would get out and buy MSFT or something like that has much stickier products. Apple is a consumer company and can go out of fashion very fast. Based on what i see that process seems to have started already. Too many people have huge gains on this stock and will not wait on the future growth possibility.

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      • Agree with you on MSFT. They are just "starting" to reveal what's to come. Won't get rich on MSFT however 4-8 points IMHO is doable in the next six months.

      • randominvestor Nov 2, 2012 10:06 AM Flag

        ok, come on. there has yet to be a sign that that iphone sales or true ipad sales (see multiple articles regarding quarterly sales and the impact of product pipeline) are slowing. Both are growing. desktop/laptop sales are slowing, but that is true across the board as the technology changes. Your comment about december quarter is downright funny. I expected that most investors understood how much AAPL sandbags earnings estimates by now. their guidance for this quarter is something like 20-30% higher than last years guidance. You saw how much they blew away last years guidance and estimates, and there is no reason to expect otherwise for this quarter. iphone 5 has a supply problem, not a demand problem.

        yours is an example of obvious bias. anyone want to offer up a real discussion?

    • its down cause i bought in the other day,,,,sorry people.

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