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  • obamasuxcockwithnegrolips obamasuxcockwithnegrolips Nov 3, 2012 10:55 PM Flag

    Obama's last weekend in the WHITE house. You folks as concerned about him and his tribe stealing all the silver ware?

    I bet right now his wife and daughters are stuffing anything not nailed down into their snatches. Disgusting people... Simply disgusting. It will be good to see that traitor gone.

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    • Shows how stupid you are.

      The president stays until a new president is INAUGURATED.

      Romney may win the election, but he wouldnt move in until 2013 you #$%$

      And he is not a traitor. I would much rather have Obama than a guy like Bush who oversaw the housing bubble and started war with a country that did nothing to us (iraq) while using 9/11 to falsely justify it.

      Obama is not a GREAT president, he probably isnt even a good president, but he is not a BAD oresident. Doing ”nothing” is a hell of a lot better than doing the crap we saw with the Cheney/Bush whitehouse.

      Id rather have a president do ”nothing” than to have him create new problems and make old problems worse.

      And this is coming from someone who: wants smaller gov't, has Christian morals and values, wants a fence built to help keep out illegals.

      Republicans promise things i like, but they either do the opposite or do nothing.

      Democrats promise things i DONT like, but they usually fail to deliver.

      With democrats, i wont get the things that i want, but i also wont get most of the things that i DONT WANT (expensive wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, giving large companies free reign to screw over the common man).

      I have republican ideals, which is why i usually support democrats

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