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  • chillbill262003 chillbill262003 Nov 6, 2012 2:25 PM Flag

    My major supply concern

    Listen, I'm long and strong. So before anyone jumps down my throut, just read and breath. If you go on the Apple website right now, delivery times for the Iphone 5 remain near a month. Thta is not good folks. Seriously. They have already admitted their are supply shortages of this phone. They need to get these delivery times to a week or two. The fact remains demand is there, and will always be there. But, the Iphone is what butters Apple's bread. They need to have these out the door for the holidays. At a month lag, we are now in December. At what point do people hold off buying the product for the holidays, if delivery passes mid to late December holiday season. Would you order a Iphone as a gift if you knew it woudl show up January 10th. Some will, but some won't as well.

    You can preach the demand side all you want. But this is a problem, potentially a huge problem. And i think it is the single catalyst that drove this stock lower, and continues to drive the stock lower. So I order an Iphone today, it comes December 6th? What if you order an Iphone on December 6th, now it shows in January, missing the holidays.

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