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  • bronze_age_babe_01 bronze_age_babe_01 Nov 7, 2012 8:25 PM Flag

    I remember reading about so many Germans who loved Hitler...those Germans who found Hitler repulsive/evil


    and did nothing....Now, we have a second term of Obama....

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    • i think you better get back on those meds, or go get checked out, it sounds like you need them

    • I'm not so sure Germans loved Hitler as tolerated him, or were unable to oppose him. People sure do love Obama though. He's gonna give them stuff & get dem rich people to pay fer it all. He's gonna get dem rich people to pay dem taxes, not the rest of us.

      Wait til people find out what Obama considers "rich" (anybody making over $14,000/year).

      Anybody figure out yet what you got for $6 TRILLION in national debt those first four years?
      Anybody? Anybody? Anything at all to show for it?

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      • The banks got to write off their losses and a whole lot of teachers, fire fighters and police got to keep their jobs for a while longer and their is more but that's your home work.

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      • we got 23 million people out of work, we got massive debt, we got a society who wants to give everyone a grade of c on their test. So if you get an A and study hard - you get a C. If you get an F and do not put any work in you get guess what -a C. If you invest in Apple and make some money helping the economy to grow you get to pay a lot of taxes. If you lose a lot of money investing the government lets you deduct 3K per year. what is the answer to the quandry?
        Every year for the next four years more people will find it is easier to collect govennrment benefits than do what i had to this morning at 1 in the morning - go to my business and shoval snow and put ice melt down so i will not get sued by someone looking for a free ride. in my next life i want to be a government employee responsible for well going on vacation, taking sick leave, getting my holiday pay and other benefits, education expenses etc. going to a conference, and retiring to an unknown destination where I can wait for another bail out from the government my protected retirement income and continued health insurance. Well i guess i am dreaming - must get in a few winks soon.

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      • Million jobs saved in auto industry, 5 new gm plants, and a bunch of #$%$ weasel #$%$ bank executives road off into the sunset singing yipee ki yaaaaaa.

    • Best thing for you is a moose sized vibrator and a cheap bottle of wine. for the vibrator not you. Lol lol lol lmfao

    • Yeah, kind of ironic isn't it...but at the same time, look at your own sanctimonious self and the rest of these ignoramous's on here. You all love old Cramer, tune into him religiously every night, know he's full of sheit but continue to follow his directives until he and the CNBC joows pick you clean. You're no better than the subservient German's and are the same mindless, gutless, enabling losers making us a third world country.

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