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  • kudlowsflooziegirl kudlowsflooziegirl Nov 7, 2012 8:40 PM Flag

    I'm numb

    admittedly didn't expect anything like this type of downfall in my wildest dreams. I've been holding Apple for a couple of years and had a great return but this???? New products and revs don't seem to matter as the sky is falling? thoughts?

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    • Yes, your a stupid idiot for not selling higher...I will laugh if you lose capital...Sell soon my friend and buy it back 100 pts down.
      Trend is your friend

    • If you are a long term investor, you should be just fine. You will be look back saying when I did not load up more.

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      • 1 Reply to stk_td
      • you sure about this. Every empire rises and then falls. Is the the beginning of the fall? Seems like competition is everywhere these days. Great phones from Samsung, Nokia, HTC. Great tablets from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. iPhone/Ipad mini deemed tiny incremental improvements. No "Wow" factor. Anytime upper management leaves... this is a bad sign. Recent loss of Steve Jobs. You put the puzzle together....

    • If you've been holding for a couple of years then you are still up huge. Those that didn't sell or at least hedge at the $700 level, knowing a major election was on the way, have only themselves to blame.

      You're ID name makes me think you're doing some trolling but whatever. I sold my S&P short position today and put the money in AAPL, think it was already oversold and today was just too much.

      First time I've bought it, just hoping for no worms!

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      • Good move clan man, aprocryphal as it may be, but what you and all the other oblivious Mock share holders never comprehend is that no one in this economy ever tied up 100K or so in a stock that doesn't pay dividends for "a couple of years". A few of the one percent and 2 or 3 joow fund managers maybe, but with the vicissitudes of the maket from 2010 onward, losing 20% of an investment every other month and having to wait another two months to make it back isn't very frugal is it clanny? Keep your aside opinions to yourself and come back when you actually have some skin in the game.

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