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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Nov 8, 2012 8:07 PM Flag

    Cramer's "Biographer and OMG" Nonsense vs Steve/Tim's 5 Year Product Plan


    As if Cramer or even the dippy biographer is privy to projects that both Jo#$%$ and Cook assured everyone constituted the pipeline of new products for the next five years. Even if the biographer had some inkling, Jo#$%$ would have insisted he was signed up on confidentiality agreements. C'mon people -- Cramer is assuming you are all idiots for accepting his #$%$ as gospel.

    LOL at the "no OMG projects" blithering... Everything AAPL does is OMG and driving the world of tech forward. As for Jo#$%$, the Mini is going to revolutionize mobile in ways Steve was not giving any thought to... so Steve and Tim had 5 years of products plus a revolutionary game changer Mini (credit to Tim) Imagine that... no Steve, no Walt Disney and not even Barney were there to help the exec team on imagination island for the Mini -- a true OMG extension that will change the definition and use of pads game for years to come.

    And regarding the 5 year plan? One year down, 4 to go without Steve's direct involvement.

    Just think though, within a couple of weeks Cramer will be doing his jackass show at night with horns blowing and gongs banging and lights flashing with great bravado suggesting he told all of us to BUY ALL YOU CAN below $550 as it rips back above $600 and then $700 before February -- yup, all the way back to 10x earnings ex cash effects. You heard it here first.

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    • The 10 Ways Tim Cook Could Destroy Apple In 2012
      Posted Dec 20 2011Views: 1,995
      Summary : Technology web Businessinsider has summarized 10 ways Apple might be destroyed by Tim Cook in the next year. Do you trust Tim Cook? Check them out.

      Next year is shaping up to be a one of the biggest years in Apple's history.

      It will be the first full year without Steve Jobs (since it returned to the top of the tech industry.)

      It will be facing tougher competition than ever in its two most important business lines: Tablets and smartphones.

      It should release a brand new iPhone.

      There is a ton of speculation that an Apple TV will be launched next year.

      Technology web Businessinsider has summarized 10 ways Apple might be destroyed by Tim Cook in the next year. Check them out.

      1.Let the smartest people walk out the door

      While Steve Jobs got all the credit in the world for Apple's success, the truth is that he was helped by his executives, designers, and engineers.

      Those people were extremely loyal to Jobs. They believed in what he said, and what he created at Apple.

      Is Tim Cook as compelling as Steve Jobs? Heck no. So, he's going to have a harder time keeping people at Apple than Jobs. His number one priority should be keeping the smartest, best people in the world working at Apple.

      2.Release an iPhone 4S II instead of an iPhone 6

      Apple's consumers are buying up the iPhone 4Ss faster than Apple can make them. So, it obviously doesn't matter that much that the phone has looked the same for two straight years.

      Could Tim Cook get away with offering the same looking phone for three straight years? Probably! As long as Apple says it's the latest and greatest.

      Should he try to get away with it? We don't think so. Eventually consumers will get bored of the same old, same old.

      3.Release a bad Apple TV

      Just because there's rampant speculation about an Apple TV doesn't mean Apple has to release a television!

      We've heard Apple was ready to release a redesigned iPhone this year, but Steve Jobs nixed it at the last minute. If it's not good enough, it's not good enough. Tim Cook should have that attitude.

      If Apple's television just isn't ready, then don't put it out. No need to rush into the market with a subpar product.

      4.Hire the wrong guy to run retail

      Tim Cook has only one hole in his executive line up to fill: SVP of retail operations. Apple's retail business has become a really killer asset. It gives the company something the competition doesn't have, but desperately wants -- a place to define the brand, and serve customers. Whoever takes over the job will have to think of the next generation of Apple stores and how to prevent them from getting stale.

      5.Let iCloud stagnate

      iCloud is secretly one of the most important products Apple released in the last ten years. Sure, we all focus on the iPhone and iPad, but to keep those devices relevant, Apple needs killer support software.

      One of Google's big advantages is its online software like Gmail, Docs, Calender, and its online storage.

      Apple didn't have an elegant web-based answer to those things until iCloud rolled out. The truth is that Apple still doesn't have an elegant answer.

      The first version of iCloud feels clunky and irrelevant. Cook needs to make sure Apple keeps improving iCloud to keep the company competitive with Google.

      6.Issue a dividend or buy back stock

      This won't exactly ruin Apple, but we sure hope Cook doesn't do it. There's a perfectly fair and logical reason for him to do it, but we like the idea of Apple amassing a giant pile of cash. It just makes some investors, and outsiders go crazy. They can't stand Apple having all that cash sitting there.

      Aside from holding on to cash to annoy people, we think it's good for Apple to have cash to build out its supply chain and buy strategic assets.

      7.Leave the iPad just as it is

      The iPad is head and shoulders (and waist and legs and feet) above any other tablet on the market. And that's probably not going to change in 2012. But, that doesn't mean it's time to take a year off. New pricing, new models, better software, and maybe a smaller version are all things we want to see Cook deliver for the iPad.

      One of the things Apple does very well is manage the public's expectations -- consumers and investors.

      It let the world get whipped into a frenzy about new products, and then at the right moment drop a leak to certain reporters with good information on what was coming. It's a delicate, and ridiculous, game Apple played to keep people interested, but in check.

      Will Tim Cook do it as well as Steve Jobs? Well, he's already blown the first post-Jobs earnings report. Apple missed Wall Street's estimates. He's set the bar pretty high for this quarter. If he blows it, it would be a set back for the management.

      (In the long run, all that matters is that Apple continues to perform, but expectations and perception do matter on some level.)

      9.Just let Android get bigger and bigger

      At some point Apple has to start taking share from Android, otherwise it risks being relegated to a niche player. This is a platform war, and that's the last thing Apple needs. Tim Cook better do something to get Apple's market share growing again in the smartphone world.

      10.Miss the next big thing!

      This is admittedly very vague. It's a hazy problem, and we're not sure how Cook can address it.

      But, what really killed Microsoft (aside from being held in check by the government) was that it missed out on the rise of the iPhone. And it failed to deliver a product that can match the iPad. How did it miss the rise of Apple? There's a bunch of reasons, but one is that Steve Ballmer was obsessed with Google.

      Tim Cook has to know who to be worried about, and who to ignore. He has to see what the next big trend is in computing. The speed of innovation is out of control, and he could easily miss the next big thing if he's not careful in 2012.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hope you all have enjoyed our posting since last night. Given it is by far our largest allocation, and despite our realization that chat boards with so many #$%$ posting aren't read by say more than 10% of the hedge fund genl partners we know, it still has been fun trying to get at least some longs to think about what they are doing vs reacting in panic to what idiots like Cramer and manipulators like Grunlach are saying when the CNBC producers seemingly have no idea how badly they are being used.

      Het Comcast!
      Time for a sweep out Comcast. Keep Faber, Maria, Pisani and Karl (we love Karl's agree with everyone niceness) but go back to having cramer only on during his carnival horns show. And Gary's alright too despite his at times pedantic, errant opinions and other gaffs (remember how wowed he was to learn a few months ago that FB can tailor their ads to noted preferences and that was going to really be a game changer when even yahoo had that figured out 5 years ago?).

      But as for Cramer, you know, he was telling people to buy it at $680, sell it at $538 last night - a month later, and no doubt that when it hits $700 in a couple weeks (en route to $750 before February) he'll be gonging and horning, flashing lights and yelling "I TOLD YOU GUYS TO BUY BUY BUY THE PULLBACK last month!"

      How can that guy not go off into the bushes like GW did when his time was up?

      Go get Betty Lu and Pimm Fox to replace all the other weak players, and have some conversations/training about being journalists asking experts for THEIR opinions vs trying to revel as "pseudo analysts" who think they know everything on every topic?

    • One more point in case you missed it. Even Obama is "only" talking about increasing the capital gains rate to 20%... so anyone selling AAPL for tax reasons must be doing the same kind of effd math Cramer did on his show last night ($1 this year vs $2 next year). It would be more like 20% LTCG vs 15% or 20 cents vs 15 cents on the dollar.

      We know Cramer is a lawyer, but after his nonsense comments on taxes last night and protecting gains at what will prove to be the bottom of this cliff drop, we can hardly wait to hear him bang his pies plate, honk his horns and flash his lights saying "See, we told you to buy all you could at $540 -- and now it has rallied back 30% in 8 weeks."

    • keep this atop the blithering from the short gumps too.

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