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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Nov 9, 2012 11:22 AM Flag

    Cramer's "Biographer and OMG" Nonsense vs Steve/Tim's 5 Year Product Plan

    Hope you all have enjoyed our posting since last night. Given it is by far our largest allocation, and despite our realization that chat boards with so many #$%$ posting aren't read by say more than 10% of the hedge fund genl partners we know, it still has been fun trying to get at least some longs to think about what they are doing vs reacting in panic to what idiots like Cramer and manipulators like Grunlach are saying when the CNBC producers seemingly have no idea how badly they are being used.

    Het Comcast!
    Time for a sweep out Comcast. Keep Faber, Maria, Pisani and Karl (we love Karl's agree with everyone niceness) but go back to having cramer only on during his carnival horns show. And Gary's alright too despite his at times pedantic, errant opinions and other gaffs (remember how wowed he was to learn a few months ago that FB can tailor their ads to noted preferences and that was going to really be a game changer when even yahoo had that figured out 5 years ago?).

    But as for Cramer, you know, he was telling people to buy it at $680, sell it at $538 last night - a month later, and no doubt that when it hits $700 in a couple weeks (en route to $750 before February) he'll be gonging and horning, flashing lights and yelling "I TOLD YOU GUYS TO BUY BUY BUY THE PULLBACK last month!"

    How can that guy not go off into the bushes like GW did when his time was up?

    Go get Betty Lu and Pimm Fox to replace all the other weak players, and have some conversations/training about being journalists asking experts for THEIR opinions vs trying to revel as "pseudo analysts" who think they know everything on every topic?

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