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  • adavidson_nyc adavidson_nyc Nov 19, 2012 7:45 PM Flag

    Shorting , I know how tempting it was to short after a 20 point up

    move , but hey live and learn . several years ago I would of made that mistake. after all the stock is up 20 points , it must go down right? WRONG . But as I said , experience is something that comes with a price and that's what it is for a lot of rookies that call themselves traders. Oh well , live and learn. It isn't all what it seams sometimes. Congratulations to us longs.

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    • you are right
      and if you look at the price action today on something like a 5 min running with a 20 EMA with envelopes that would normally encompass all the moves, you can really see how exceptional a day it was, with the candles spiking and running well outside the boarders and then taking practically the whole day to ever come back to the 20EMA.
      even if you wanted to scalp short in the usual places, you would have gotten creamed
      an exceptional day, extremely warped to the upside

    • But it sucks soooo much!!!!! :))))) Sweet and Sour.

    • Yes, congrats to us longs. Been through a lot of shake-outs, but this one was especially brutal, and I am sure some didn't survive it, and are now bashers. We earned today's gains.

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