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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Nov 20, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

    AAPL Observations ...

    Per the Piper Jaffrey comments. Per the upcoming T.V.? Price talk at the $1500-$2000 range. Good luck on that. They overrpriced the mini pad by a fair measure versus equal quality competition. If the global economic slowdown intensifies the global consumer will not be buying T.V.'s (or Pads) that are overpriced. Also the the talk of a "new" slightly enhanced upgrade version of the I-Phone and call it the "S" model. Laughable. The public - even the cult buyers - are voicing their observations that they feel like they are now getting "played".
    Was the recent price decline the result of large holders paring back overweighted positions. Yes. But,also factored in is the very real concern that there are serious fundamental issues coming to ythe surface. Margins - cost increases - supply problems and competition. These are real and warrant watching and evaluating. When ever I raise any of them the Board Knight Templars rush on with such brillant retorts as "you're on iggy" :) To not take these concerns carefully is to do a serios disservice to yourself. Disagree.That's fine. But you better keep an open-minded - objective mindset. Just saying.

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    • another of the Board's "Protector of the Grail' just posted that aaaaaaaal the longs should put aaaaaaaaal the shorts on ignore. Firstly.real dudes like him should call it "iggy". :):0 Amazing how any discussion of the fundaments of Aaple absolutely infuriates them if it addresses some very real concerns about the growth story. Apple has plusses and minus's attached to the story. The juvenile (or the over margined) only want to hear cis boom ba yada,yada. This company now has zero margin of error in its fundamental delivery going forward. The longs don't want to hear this.

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