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  • citamar citamar Nov 27, 2012 6:39 PM Flag

    Al Sharpton

    just watched a little of his show on MSNBC flipping channels. Does anyone watch him and his crap? If he has an audience of more than 3 people, I'd be surprised. What are his ratings.

    Talk about the dumbing down of America. You can even see his guests laughing at him. Awful.

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    • you hit the nail on the head...if he truly is a Rev, he should do what he is called to do, instead of pandering to the left to make a living through the venue of that crap they call MSNBC...same thing happened to Jessica Simpson's dad...I have a lot more respect for someone that sticks to their faith instead of selling out for the almighty buck.

    • from what i've heard and what this guy is about.... if you say the " N...." .... he'll shred you in peices and that include your pocket....
      i bet he would not do anything and just stand there IF JACK NICHOSON say the " N " word on to his face.

    • He's as good as it gets for MSNBC. Rachel Cow is much worse, she explains basic arithmetic to her audience like she just figured our quantum mechanics. I bet she douches each commercial.

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      • Rachel Maddow is arguably one of the most intelligemt people on TV. She is a Stanford graduate, a Rhodes Scholar, and holds a PhD from Oxford. Except for possibly David Frum, there's no one on the right with similar academic credentials.

        You may not like her politics, but she is a fearsome interviewer with an encyclopedic memory. Her respect for our service people.veterans and their families is enormous - a sharp contrast to her Fox contemporaries, and Romney. Do you realize that NOT ONCE in any speech did Romney say THANK YOU to our troops for their service? NOT ONCE did he advocate for better post-service medical care or job training, or education benefits for the kids of our heros killed in combat? Rachel pushed for honoring our Iraq vets even when Obama and others wanted to defer parades to honor them. Too bad she wasn't around when the Vietnam vets came home - perhaps my generation would have had fewer suicides and alcoholism deaths.

        The fat, dumb right wingers who condemn her for expressing her opinions would be ripped to intellectual shreds in any face to face. I may disagree with her on many points, but she is positively brilliant. I would pay good money to see her go head to head with George Will, the only commentator on the right who could match her intelligence.

        As for Sharpton, I've never had much use for him since the Tawana Brawley episode. I find his show unwatchable, as I do Ed Shultz's. But I saw him the olher day on a Meet the Press panel, and he blew me away with his carefully stated positions.

        America is changing. The era of white men running much is coming to an end. The Republicans may have won the House, but the Democrats there got 400,000 more votes than the Republicans. Women and African Americans and Asians and Hispanics will dominate politics here for the foreseeable future - probably, forever forward. They stood in line to vote for hours to vote, despite everything Republicans did to deny their rights to do so.

        That's America. Love it or leave it. Now, can we get back to dealing with AAPL?

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      • So you watch her homosexual #$%$ locker.

      • Axe him do he know jack my opinion, he doesn't know jack.

      • Notice how all those hosts on that show are nerds, gays and Blacks? Oh, that's right. Those are the people who elected Obama in that popularity contest.

        How would you like to go to war and have those people cover your back?

      • Yeh, and I suppose the Fox News crew are a bunch of geniuses in your opinions, huh?

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