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  • santacruzmogul santacruzmogul Dec 2, 2012 8:21 PM Flag

    Apple vs. the Fiscal Cliff.


    In 20 years of being a broker, I have never seen such politicization of the markets. Seems it is always something-fiscal cliff, election, recession, double-dip recession, Greece, Spain, the Euro, Iran/Israel..........while I love Apple, and December is typically a good market month-can the mighty Apple overcome the CNBC and media corruption to see gains going into earnings? America is being eaten from within by the fear-mongering media and doomsayers that try to panic the markets. There was a day when the market moved up and down based on the true merits of the companies, and the economy itself.

    What we see here is the result of BLINDLY placing people into government and hoping that miracles will happen. Why raise taxes when the true problem is over-funding and over-spending on welfare and sponging ne'er-do-wells? We give too much away-America once was a place where immigrants strived to succeed and overcome. When my grandparents came here, literature was not printed in Spanish, Chinese, Thai and Korean. You learned the language or you hid in your ethnic neighborhood. People were proud to become citizens and learn the language-now, it is just a formality. We have life-long food stamp recipients and immigrants having free babies at our expense. The average middle-class American can't have a baby for free, so why should some immigrant anchor baby have a free ride?

    A majority of crime, especially murder and other felonies, are perpetuated by illegals, yet we do little to deport or tighten our borders. Our prison costs of housing these people, who should never have been here int he first place, is causing the over-crowding of prisons and a tremendous tax debt upon our citizens.

    The problem isn't that we need more tax revenue, the problem is that we over-spend on programs that will never see a human dividend. We are being ruined from the inside. Fleas will eventually kill the dog-they don't care-they just find another dog.........

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    • santa, you are correct on apple and the media finding any #$%$ for ratings which in turn affect fund managers that have no business being employed. however, remember that social programs have been around for many years. i would prefer spending money on the poor than spending it on some arnament company building war amo and equipment that is way overpriced. gouvernment money should be used to create jo#$%$. a good idea would be to spend on infrastructure , roads, transport, such as a new airport to take on the crazy load off lagordia and jfk. taxes unfortunatly can not remain the same. lets spend the money on creating jo#$%$.

    • The saddest thing about talking about illegals and how to solve the problem is the topic as a whole is becomming "socially improper" which is a huge problem IMO. Important topics in general are becomming the same way, as if the citizens of our country and just brushing them under the rug and saying "i don't want to be the bad guy because i'll offend group X".

      ohhh how our founding fathers would be so proud.... what a joke

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      • I remember reading an article in the newspaper last year about the President of Australia saying "This is our national language, this is how its going to be, if you don't like it then you are free to leave, nobody forced you to come here." he has some hair on his balls, so substance to back up his claim of being an australian and understanding his roots and standing up for the basis of what his country was founded on

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