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  • scooter_lobby scooter_lobby Dec 5, 2012 8:14 AM Flag

    This is crimiinal what CNBC is doing...

    Obsolete technology? You're kind of a goofball, aren't ya. Yeah, thought so.

    From now on when you post something, don't make the mistake of assuming that everyone who might read it is as stupid and ignorant as you are.

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    • Apple users are the only stupid and ignorant people, you don't even look at what other companies offer in their products. Android has grown to 75% market share because technology moves fast, they create the new technology while Apple is still selling the old for more money. I can open 5 programs at one time on an Android phone, better screens, Flash, Google Maps and tons of Free Apps. I can put anything on my phone and take anything off, I would never want to depend on and pay for Apple's wasted Cloud, another way to drain money out of their customers.
      Photo's and Video are miles ahead of Apple's old technology, read before you put Apple anything at the top of the market.

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