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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Dec 5, 2012 3:27 PM Flag

    AAPL's Fundamentals Now Being Debated ..

    That'a a fact. Deny it all you want. The pros and cons of the debates is what it is. But for the mindless longs to just come on and say the fundamentls are "sound" and intact just aren't addressing the realities of what is transoiring- on a FUNDAMENTAL basis - not a technical or emotional basis. There are some serious,valid concerns being raised and investigated by those who bother to put their emotions aside and be professional in their evaluation. The cult followers don't want to hear it. They just want their Mommy to tell them everything is going to be alright and that they might get back to even if they own the stock. The call option holders are going to get wiped out. They always do. They are amateurs playing out of their depth.

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    • ridiculous

      why are amzn, crm, etc at 1000 PEs and get a free pass

      google at 20 PE and misses constantly

      dont buy it...this is a scam to make money off of peples fears before a major run to 1000 with dow listing

    • This company hass the best FUNDAMENTALS out there! are you kidding me? this is a game and it has to be played. Do you ever wonder why CNBC never oges after AMZN no matter what the results are? they can miss by a mile and the stock comes right back. CNBC is afraid of AAPL, this is a FACT!


    • I just knew if I bought a few shares at 575 we'd be going down 100+ points -- Go figure, always happens, maybe I do better shorting stock (or would the opposite happen still), I think I will wait for 450 again. !! As you can see I am talking to myself again. Think I'll try some MRK and see if my luck is as bad there.

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      • Same thing happens to me. Stock gods toy with me. I can have perfect setup then somebody in Europe or Washington says something stupid and it goes kaput. If I sell at a loss stock will skyrocket the next day. If I short, and cover for a loss, stock will tank the next day. Does not matter what charts show. It will always go opposite of what I put on.

    • I think it is the competition of products. I DON"T see any "significant" advantage comparing Android to IPhone 5, and I have friends now saying Samsung phones are better, and IPhone 5 is "bad". This is something that I don't see in prior IPhones. Ever since Jobs passed, I DON"T see one single "significant" innovation from the company. I don't even see hope of seeing one. So, I took the warning and bailed.

    • You are very right, and the stock discounted the fundamental concerns in kind. But facts are multiple expansion? So what. The multiple hasn't expanded in years. Because earnings have and will outstrip the price. Margins? Yes, they will compress in a new product portfolio launch across the board. As a result the stock, with supply concerns retreated 150 bucks. Competition is a matter of life in this business. But refresh my memory, didn't iPhone recapture the top sales spot last month? Just checking if you missed that little blurb. How about holiday sales? Oh yeah, they owned black Friday and cyber Monday. Owned it. We can talk fundamentals all day, because at a multiple near 7 times, ex cash, your apple slow down theory better be a compelling argument.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • And how many Put Options buyers have been wiped out in the history of AAPl's ascent.

    • Cult followers do just fine at AMZN....why is AAPL different...oh AAPL EARNS..billions.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • So please explain the shift in fundamentals genius....don't just state something with no basis or facts to prove your point.

    • aragre Dec 5, 2012 3:30 PM Flag

      And which fundamentals are those?
      All debates revolve around unfounded speculations and rumors.
      Tell me one fundamental that u know has changed!?

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      • plus, for aapl to reach 1000 will require 400 BILLION of new to enter the stock. At some point, increased market cap ain't possible because there ain't enuf money to capitalize it

      • O.k. Firstly.the forcast for I-6 and mini-pad sales. Have these two "new" products cannililized the earlier models to a significant degree. Secondly, as their "new" product's "flatline" will that demyhth (is that a real word? :))the mystique of Apple? And with the new phones and mini pad will margins continue to contract. Thirdly,the growing concern that Samsung and others are making inroads into market share going forward? Fourthly,is Cook and the newly revamped management up to the task of running this company. The supply problem fiasco which they oversaw lends doubt to that. Jobs they ain;t. The mini=pad pricing mistake is a good example. Fifthly. the company has missed expectations two quarters in na row. Trust me the Market won't tolerate a third miss.
        The real concern is about the "maturity" level of the company and it's ability to reinvent itself. A T.V won't do it. And the price range they are talking about is way out of line with present economic realities for the average household. Here or abroad. Now,I am not a "genius" as you sardonically state.But what I do notice amongst the AAPL Cult followers is their blind,hear no evil,see no evil approach to the stock. AAPL is nothing more than a stock. Nothing more. The Holy Grail it is not. It trades at the whimsey and expectation of the buyers and sellers.And right now serious questions and concerns are being raised. Dismiss my observations all you want. I began the debate when the stock was near 700. Some credibility prevails in the debate. A debate you don't want to either acknowkledge or participate in for fear some of these concerns might be true. Good luck to you.

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