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  • equityrich equityrich Dec 7, 2012 9:04 AM Flag

    I want Apple to pay 2013 dividends in December

    Apple is one company with the cash to do this more than any other. What is the reason not to pay out all of 2013 dividends now in december while rate is 15%? You would think Cook and all the board members would want their dividends to catch a break. Otherwise all of them are paying in at the 43.6% federal plus the high california state tax rate on top of that. More than 50% of their dividends gone to taxes.

    If they don't do it that means they not only don't care about shareholders of which they are a part of but they actually do not care about money (or both?)

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    • I don't want them to pay dividend at all. Dividends are the most inefficient way to use cash. They are double taxed income. The only net winner is IRS. If Tim Cook really cares about shareholders he should do share buybacks instead of dividends.

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      • Yes dividends are double taxed but if a company never pays a dividend then one relies only on somebody paying more for the stock certificate than you did. Same as gold which never pays a dividend. That is dangerous.

        You need a dividend acceleration to pay 2013 dividends all before end of '12 and next year I would be fine with them doing a real buyback. Not the 3.3B per year they are doing just to offset options. They should be buying back 20% of the company here even if they have to take a low interest loan against offshore cash. They write the interest off thus further decreasing the effective interest rate. They could take in 20% of the float which would be accretive to EPS instantly.

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