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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Dec 8, 2012 7:12 PM Flag

    Just one statement that tax rate won't be 39% and....


    So you are saying that 98% of Americans are in Uncle Smooches pants, in one way or another?
    Like many others out of work I would support him. But I'm not out of work. I'm paying for all those who have never taken a job. I do feel sorry for those who want a job but can't find one.
    I'm happy to pay taxes for their support.

    It's the lazy people who scream all the time who want obamma phones and SS who shouldn't have it, that I dispise.
    Our country is going BK because of these entitlements that people should not have but are #$%$ the system.
    On web sites and Tv, all around the world, those who have the largest open mouth get the best coverage.

    What about those people who want only freedom from oppression and politics? Why don't we see their tears from their children and parents?
    I want to know one thing. Who the F wants to show only terrorists and not those people who want freedom from these radicals.

    Our news media has done more harm for these peace loving people than any dictator in the world.
    Go and show mouths large enough to swallow a coke bottle. Are these the voices of freedom?
    The media needs to show more of the people who are fighting against the Arab Spring.

    Those who want to destroy pease loving middle eastern people should not be shown as civilized people.
    It seems that the louder you scream and then open your mouth the widest, you are pertrayed as liberators. This needs to stop. The brotherhood wants to destroy all freedoms in the middle east and move to the West.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You hit that nail pretty much on the head.

    • I think you're wrong about the media. The first thing that is shut down (or comes under state-control) in a dictatorial regime is what - the media. And the first thing that people want when they emerge from oppression is what - media (i.e. free speech). So media can either be a state-controlled propaganda apparatus, like under communism or some current ME regimes, or free, as it is in the West - which do you prefer?

      As to the 98% comment, that is simply how Obama defines America - the 2% Rich and the 98% Middle Class. So if he allows the country to go over the cliff, he is letting down his cherished 98% and he is a hypocrite for standing on ideology and screwing his 98%.

      Politicians live for one thing - to get reelected, so there will be a compromise because the alternative is bad for everyone. This is just the negotiation process...

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