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  • rmugge rmugge Dec 9, 2012 12:01 AM Flag

    I was AT&T store today

    I went to AT&T store yesterday and bought iphone 5. I am on my 4th iphone and I wanted to see what the competition was like. While I was there I asked the sales associate which phone was the most popular. 75% of phones sold in Frankfort Ky AT&T store are iphones. It is also the most expensive phone they sell. I went to the AT&T store as the stores in the mall are always packed to the gills. I think the numbers are going to be staggering. This thing has been manipulated for the last two months. The bashers have been at it 24-7for over a month. There is some tax selling but the MM's are looking to get in at a lower price and are moving it down to 500 so they can ride it back to 1500.00. Couple all that with the release of the iphone 5 in 50 countries this month? GET real shorties. You have made money on blind luck.

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    • 6 months from now: "I was at a dollar general store..."

    • this will get to 1000 even without china mobile and a television set. This selloff will go down as the biggest con job ever.

    • $1500 per share lol...dream on the party is over for this company.Samsung galaxy 3 is the number one phone now and the stock price shows it already

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      • As a shareholder I went to two apple stores and an att store in Dallas. Att reps are NOT allowed to carry iPhones in the store. Why , they are being told it is train themselves on other smartphones. Ironically the reps use iphones for their personal phone. I asked what are the most popular phones and he said the iphone sells 3 times more often than the galaxy. The apple stores were packed!!!

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      • Apple has never been the #1 phone. And its not about the best hardware specs. Apple has always been the easiest to use and works the best overall. Its always had the best software and is more reliable. FOR GEEKS and NERDS maybe a Windows buggy crashing system with better specs and more complicated is fine, but not for busy doctors, bankers, professionals and students at the better schools. One can easily lose thousands of dollars of lost time and trying to get warranty service, as when my Android Phone broke twice in under a year (when my contract is up I will switch to IPHONE in March).

    • He's right. Most Americans want the easiest to use phone with the most Apps. I made mistake of buying an Android Phone in early 2011 because it was "no money down". But it broke 2x, and all the time wasted trying to get Tmobile to honor their warranty, I was essentially ripped off. I have read that even though IPHONEs cost more up front to the Carriers, the Carriers make bigger profits on them, since ALOT LESS WARRANTY EXPENSE (IPHONEs break alot less). Also saves the customer $200 in time not lost to try and get it fixed or replaced with TMobile tries to rip off customers.

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      • The iPhone is NOT the best phone. It is simply the most popular.
        (herd mentality). I was impressed with the accelerometer when it first hit the market. Because no one had ever seen anything like it. But that's it. I have no apple products (almost bought a NANO once) But I do trade the stock.

        As far as T-mobile is concerned. They have limited supply and get 2nd rate merchandise often. I've had a LG CU500, HTC Fuze (which apple still can barely touch), And now a Motorola Atrix 2. All from AT&T. I have dropped them soaked them in water, threw them. And never a problem. I never buy warranties. Although someone did steal my HTC once and I wish I had the insurance.

        I'm not really an apple hater, just not impressed. And besides I absolutely hate having what everyone else has!

    • C'mon now, I like your enthusiasm very much , that being said let's get real here , it isn't just blind luck they made money on , after all Apple stock price did go up extremely high . It appreciated a eye popping figure,
      I'm not sure exactly how much but I know Apple stock is up a lot now, not to mention where it was at $700.00. That being said I congratulate all people who know how to and can trade the market in both directions . Because the reality is that the market does trade in both directions up and down. So why not profit from both? However at this point I'm certainly feeling more comfortable being long than short.
      We'll see , Time will tell all . Good luck and Happy Holidays.

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