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  • jeanwekillstoxx jeanwekillstoxx Dec 9, 2012 8:43 PM Flag

    Same Trading Pattern as December 2011

    We have at most another week of garbage to put up with and then this will be off to the races and everyone who has sold will be buying like crazy in January, February and March trying to catch this rocket ship.

    Nothing changes, it does this every year.

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    • hardly. Last year the stock touched its 200 dma and bounced off, heading higher. This year it sliced right through the 200 dma, rallied to retest and failed badly. not the same pattern at all.

      last year there was the iphone 5 hype for investors to buy into. Iphone5 turned out to be non-event. What is the big 2013 event? low margin ipad mini? come on.

      This thing could easily see $450.

      I predict much crying and handwringing all this week from weak longs

    • Do you honestly think the stock is worth exactly the same as it was trading at in March 2012?

      This is what stocks do, they go up people take profits they go down and people get back in and ride it up again.

      Iphone, Ipad, and MAC sales are going to be off the charts this month so once January and February rolls around everyone will want to be on this rocket ship.

      The worst that can happen is it won't be able to break through $700 with authority but that is $170 gain from here.

    • You are right but I think this year, we start next week with all the data this weekend.

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