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  • sheepskinner20 sheepskinner20 Dec 10, 2012 8:42 AM Flag


    This weekends babble by the longs was soooo funny!!...going to $800!! up $30 on monday....just dummies....

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    • I hope it hits $400 (I'll go long then!)

      In defense of Apple; the competition is still playing follow the leader.

      The newest offerings by HP & Google are borrowing Mac styling & I think the cool factor coupled with lower price points WILL attract people who wish they were cool but don't have Mac money.
      (They'll look cool but they'll still be stuck with Windows.)

      The new touch screen UBooks are something Apple may actually consider following the competition on (why weren't they 1st with this?)

      Apple is still the mobile king (under siege but still the king.)

      Knowing how Jobs was; I believe he had some kind of plan to leverage TV using iTunes & had to have left an extensive GOSPA/SWOT for his successor.

      I hope they start actually producing TV's & tightly integrate them with mobile devices (and laptops) & don't get to dreamy on the pricing.
      (As to platform independence on this; I'm not smart enough to say whether playing well with others would be in their favor or not.)

      Could they become the 1st television content provider who offers the ability to offer product placements which offer conversions during TV shows/movies?
      (If so; bend over Google...)

    • sheep you are a little worm you bought in last week at $531 and have lost your a-- you u.p.s.
      you are so full of s--- you have not a penny to your name!

    • spell check sheepfcker..

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