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  • red_robin_rocks red_robin_rocks Dec 14, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    This is Exactly Why 2 Key AAPL Officers Sold Their Majority of Holdings for $583 in Nov 2012

    Officer Cue sold 100% of holding for $8,700,000 and Officer mansfield sold 50% of all holdings for $20,000,000. How did this slip by you longs?

    It totally shows and confirms this will never ever be a $590 stock again when these jokers are selling in the middle of a 4th quarter, when sales and net income should go through the roof. How is this for confidence that the stock price will be $700, $900, $1,200 or $1,600.

    Who really has the inside knowledge of the company Cue/Mansfield or YOU??????

    Be smart and get out in the $500 level as this is going to go much lower!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Can you say L A W S U I T !

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    • As a retired CEO of a Nasdaq company, I read this differently. For executive officers of a public company to sell stock more than mid-way into a fiscal quarter, not pursuant to a pre-arranged plan, exposes them to significant risk of insider trading accusations, if they report a bad quarter and the stock declines. The expectation would be that they should have known how the quarter was shaping up by November 20th. Now, maybe these guys just live on the edge, but I believe their stock sales actually support the idea that they (as of November 20th anyway) were having a very solid quarter with no expectation of that changing by quarter end.

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      • All quality perspectives. They are definitely selling within the well-established safe harbor period as long as they do not believe negative information is coming. Moreover, these gentlemen have substantial unexercised option positions as well as restricted shares. They will continue to harvest tax advantaged gains throughout their careers... and would have left the company for other pastures to the extent they thought it was over at AAPL.

        Remember, two weeks ago Cook gave EVERYONE a "preannouncement" on coming news: "I wouldn't bet against AAPL."

    • Manfield is set to earn another 150,000 shares in June as well as another 150,000 shares March 2016. These 30,000 shares that he sold were nothing to him. He also sold 99% of his shares last year.

      Likewise, Cue will be receiving 50,000 shares next year and 50,000 in 2015.

      Pretty irresponsible post!!!!

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    • Please be smart longs, the dream of $900, $1200 or $1600 is over. It cannot possibly happen and as I have been stating ever since stock was $590, this stock will never ever again be greater than $590!!!

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