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  • irwin_campbell irwin_campbell Dec 14, 2012 12:34 PM Flag

    RELAX Everyone... Its TAX selling...

    Nothing more nothing less..... I just keep adding chunks at a time everytime it falls more than 15 points from my average... Average price right now is 500 shares@ 525 I expect that it may fall lower from here but not trying to perdict a bottom just trying to average to 650 shares as low as I can..... At this point it would have to go below 500 for me to buy 75 shares more... When the tax selling is over FUND MANAGERS will be scooping up apple in truck loads after the new year. Yes we are going over the fiscal cliff , YES A DEAL will be had by Jan 3rd, Yes the market will rebound big time, and YES APPLE will be close to 700 within the 2nd quarter of 2013. EASY MONEY! Ive talke to numerous fund managers and they all are saying the same thing.. ALTHOUGH TARGETS MAY HAVE BEEN LOWERED, APPLE IS STILL A SCREAMING BUY!!!

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    • I agree completely. It's all related to tax selling. However, the added issues are 1) shorts have taken advantage of it and 2) fund managers have held off buying 'til it's over. That said, the lowered guidance from analysts will help the fund managers when they jump back in because the estimates will be easier to beat.

      Thanks for an intelligent post. I keep "ignoring" the useless ones, but I can't keep up with supply. Good luck.

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    • The most intelligent post of the day! Experts say its the toughest thing to do is buy when a stock is down and easiest when it is up buy if you can, you are rewarded. Buying here is a no brainer to make a lot of money within a couple months.

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    • please stop the tax selling. why not goog, crm, rimm, fb, amzn, ..... lots of them hit 52 week high. it's just momo and casino here with shorties have upper hand. but @ this level, it's very very hard, but still possible.,

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      • Easy, cause APPLE unlike GOOG HAS a TON of volitily in it, Hence you are getting double slammed here. People sellling to take advantage of the lower tax GAINS they have in the stock since the beginning of the year AND people who want to lock in LOSSES against gains who bought it at the high point of the year.. not to mention the 30 day wash period each side has to comply with. Thats why it is happening now. You will see HUGE gains from people who sold in Nov buying back in at the start of the New Year, and more and more afterwards. SHORTS are having a field day lately, but they are smart enough to know like the longs do that the good times dont last forever. When you play options its a limited time field. When you OWN the stock you can afford to wait as long as you need to to buy low and sell high. This is the time to buy LOW!!!

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