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  • greatdayforpumpin greatdayforpumpin Dec 20, 2012 8:21 PM Flag

    Legal Ponzi Scheme

    Who is making money? Not the retail guy or gal!

    How can Rimm go up 100% when they arent profitable and AAPL go down 25% and they are profitable?

    How can Facebook go from $19 to $28 and they have almost 3 billion outstanding shares and it is free to be a member and use their service?

    How can Amazon have a PE of almost 4,000 and Apple have a PE of 10?

    By the way I havent seen anyone with a blackberry device in 2 years...

    If Bernie and Martha go to jail then every person involved in a hedge fund or who works on Wall Street should also be there including those jokers from CNBC. While your at it lock up those senators and congressman who profit from this illegal ponzi scheme on a daily basis.

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    • The problem is that investors are buying the futre. Your statements are based on historical facts. You think that without a new product Apple can sustain this crazy high margins on iphone. You think that people will be still paying $700 for just a phone. Market is getting saturated now and all this smartphones have the same functionality now . Without the Apple's next new thing i would not buy any stock now.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • So what is Facebook's new thing? Its a free site and It trades at a 140 PE compared to Apple at a 10 PE. RIMM is garbage and it has climbed 100% even though it is still losing money and doesnt even have a relevant phone to sell.
        When Apple has earnings growth and has $50 in earnings next year with over $150 billion in cash how can you not think that $700 is easily obtainable. Even $600 is a 20% upside move.

    • I hate to say it, but if you haven't figure out by now that ALL of Wall Street is one large PONZI scheme, well you are in trouble. The key is not being the one holding the bag at the end. Don't be greedy get in and then get out. This is the only way the retail bloke can win against the big boys. Let them bring down a stock and then take a few of their shares before the buy them all back.

      So, jump in, set a price goal and then get out! Repeat cycle.....

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      • Beautifully said...

        Too many people playing for the homerun with garbage stocks or playing weekly options and they get wiped out quickly. Buy the good stocks at a good price and you will be rewarded as long as you are patient and stop worrying about daily or even weekly moves. If it's a good stock it will go up. When you play with garbage stocks they have usually wiped you out before they move up and then you can't even get back to even.

        When I look at Apple I see 3 bad months of stock action on an over owned stock. They shook the tree hard and it is now ready for 3 good months once the calendar turns to January.

    • Wall Street had no problem luring you in on a 10% market move up when they knew a deal wouldnt get done. Probably even convinced you to buy Calls all across the market that will expire worthless tommorow.

      Happy Triple Witching To All!!!

    • Do you think Congressman and Senators told their brokers to short stocks in their portfolio so they could make money while driving the bus off the cliff?

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