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  • waterfallsparkles waterfallsparkles Dec 22, 2012 5:57 PM Flag

    Goog Goes Up Aapl Goes Down, Aapl Goes Up Goog Goes Down

    Interesting correlation. Looks like traders are using a pair match. Short Aapl, Long Goog. Or the reverse Short Goog and buy Aapl.

    I think Goog is getting toppie., yet Aapl is looking like it has bottomed. Thinking about Shorting Goog and going long Aapl. What do you think?

    Remember a few months ago when Goog was lower than Aapl? I think the trend is going to reverse.

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    • historically investors redeem mutual funds in their 401k during the second and third week of the new year. watch for etf nasdaq 100 to re-balance the index to a 7.5% apple weighting from her nose-bleeding + 20% and all funds that are pegged to this technology bellwether follow suit. all funds will then be forced to sell apple and buy the other 99 companies of the index to maintain order. so the trade play for early 2013 is to short apple and go long "qqq".

      hope this helps

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