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  • defeatsocialism defeatsocialism Dec 28, 2012 7:11 AM Flag

    Tea Party is Extreme Because They Want Balanced Budget. Huh?

    I'm getting sick and tired of the media and liberals calling the Tea Party extremists. All they want is a much smaller gov't and balanced budget. Yet they are called extremists for advocating common sense. When LBJ signed off on the "Great Society" legislation the poverty rate in America was about 14%. We've invested $18 trillion in the Great Society, which was supposed to create utopia and end poverty, and the poverty rate is now nearly 14%. The Great Society has been a complete failure, just like virtually all gov't programs. Yet the solution according to the media and liberals is always higher taxes and more gov't programs that never work. It's madness.

    If a balanced budget and smaller gov't is considered "extreme" then our founding fathers and the patriots that fought the revolution and passed a constitution that significantly limited the power of the President and Congress were EXTREMISTS. Stop the madness. We're bankrupting the future of our children. We need smaller gov't and more jobs! Not more regulations, more entitlements like healthcare, and higher taxes. Did you know that Federal Income Taxes were considered unconstitutional until the early 20th century when constitution had to be amended to allow gov't to steal a citizens wages? Now we're debating whether the gov't should be able to take 40% of someone's wages? The founding fathers would be advocating a new American revolution if they could see what the Democrats have done to this country. Perhaps that's why so many guns are now being purchased, which was also happening leading in the 1770's leading up the first revolution. The day of reckoning is getting closer. TRILLION DOLLAR annual deficits are not sustainable. WAKE UP and call Congress and Obama and tell them to reduce federal spending and make it easier for businesses to create JOBS!

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    • Seems wrong is right and right is wrong now in America...

    • What's extreme about a group of people who will make sure that a fetus is taken to full term so they can toss it in the gutter. Not too far from the walk and the talk.

    • Amen, couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks!

    • Then you are all set.

      An agreement has already been reached.

      If they do nothing there will be widespread cuts in government spending and social programs coupled with a an ending of a temporary tax cut.It will cause a short term downturn in the economy and will cause unemployment to rise a little.It will by no means cause anywhere near the disruption of the meltdown of the world financial system in 2007.

      The combination of large cuts in spending and a return to the tax structure prior to the temporary tax cuts that lasted much longer than planned might close the budget deficit in the long run.After all the debt was dropping before the cuts were put into place.

      Hopefully the very real risk of falling into a long term recession does not occur due to the large drop in economic demand due to the cuts.

    • you are right on the money!!!

    • That's because the only thing the liberal media believes is the spoon-fed #$%$ from the likes of Obama, "You have to sign the bill to know what's in it..." Pelosi, and "We're going off the cliff" Reid. The combined IQ for these three losers is still below the 100-pt average.

      The way of the Dems is more entitlements, tax-and-spend, support the unions and illegal aliens

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      • Amen brother. The Democrat's entire strategy is to get as many people dependent on the gov't as possible so that they always vote for them. We currently have nearly 100 million people getting some type of handout from the gov't, and many more million who work for the state or federal gov't, or rely upon gov't contracts and regulations.

        I never thought I'd see the day when our federal gov't was buying commercials recruiting more people to sign up for food stamps, file for social security disability benefits, gov't bailouts of their mortgages, free cell phones, etc. It's not uncommon now to hear someone publicly say they are getting food stamps. It used to be that Americans were too embarrassed to accept welfare from the gov't and refused to file for it because they had pride. The Democratic party has done a good job making people feel comfortable taking welfare and charging it to the credit cards of our children. You can't make this stuff up. You'd swear that the Democratic party, including our President, were on the payroll of the Chinese and Russian governments and were being paid to destroy our country.

    • I normally don't reply to political rants on the AAPL board but I have to say that yours is as cogent and reasoned as any I've seen. When I was young, the media held Democrats and Republicans alike to a standard of intellectual honesty. When politicians from any party lied or showed public hypocrisy, they were challenged openly and immediately. Now the jury box is filled with sympathizers of the plaintiff and the media is their cheerleader. This is what freedom of the press and freedom to assemble (i.e., Unions) were supposed to avoid. It's a sad day. Well said in your post.

    • With 6 trillion spent over the last 4 years under Obama one would think the economy will have taken off...what did he spend all this money on with no economic gain...

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      • It is incredible that we've had unprecedented deficit spending but very little growth. It just reinforces the TRUTH that socialism never works. Obama has demonized most major industries since he's been elected, imposed record fines on multiple industries, passed plethora of regulations to stifle growth, significantly increased welfare spending and lowered thresholds to qualify, and demonized those of us who stayed in school, worked our butts off, and managed to earn a decent living. Meanwhile, he does nothing to inspire the uneducated, high school dropouts who are having kids out of wedlock and bankrupting the country.

        Obama was the least experienced and qualified person to ever be elected President. That's not even disputable. If it wasn't for media's affirmative action and looking the other way, Hillary would be our president today. I'm not a big fan of Hillary, but she would be MUCH better than Obama who is a bonafide anti-American socialist! Fortunately for him, the media is also full of leftists, and the youth of America are so stupid they voted for him so that they could get free contraceptives, free student loans, and see gay marriage become the norm. Meanwhile, Obama is ironically bankrupting their future by adding more entitlements like healthcare that we can't afford.

    • The reason why we are in this mess is that Bush Jr started a spending spree with 3 to 4 wars so that his comrades at Haliburton and other big contractors can pocket federal money. The only way to get out this mess was for more spending by Obama to prop up this economy that is on life support and we will need more spending in the future. Its like two poisons, one will kill you and one will keep you alive for the one that will cure you however in the process you will lose your arm or leg. Its a lose/win scenario.

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      • A Yahoo! User: your insane!

      • You are so dumb it makes baby Jesus want to kill himself!

      • That's the Obama way - blame it on Bush - he's had 4 years to fix things and has FAILED miserably

      • I faced the money problem in my personal business in the mid to late 70's (Carter) interest went to 18% when a poor boy owed 350K . I didn blame Carter I went to work getting my house in order, cut about half of my debt & learned to do with less.

      • You can't be that narrow minded, can you? What was our budget in 2006? 2007? 2008? How much more is it today? How much has government grown in the last four years? How many new "regulations" have passed?

      • Bush's deficits were going down as the war was winding down and economy remained strong. One of his last deficits - despite fighting 2 wars -- was down to around $165 billion. It wasn't until Democrats took control of the Congress in 2006 that economy began to turn as anti-business legislation started to get passed (e.g. minimum wages etc). Financial industry imploded as mortgaged backed securities collapsed because of the plethora of sub prime mortgages that started back under Carter when he threatened the banking industry that they had to embrace sub prime mortgages for poor people else face new regulations from gov't mandating it.

        The only way out of this mess is to get Americans back to work and reduce gov't entitlements. We need to make it easier for businesses to expand and compete internationally. To accomplish this, you have to lower regulations and taxes, and you have to tell the lower class to stay in school and stop having kids out of wedlock. Obama keeps making it easier for people to get welfare (e.g. food stamp usage up from 33 million when he took office to 48 million now as his administration lowers thresholds and recruits more users). You also don't make it easier for illegals to get jobs in America since these low skilled hispanics are taking the jobs away from our low skilled Americans who would rather stay at home and collect welfare than go to work. Basically, you need to do the opposite of what Obama wants to do.

    • Media are in BHO pocket! No one who has ever been to a Tea Party meeting would say we are flakes or extremists. We are hard working patriotic citizens who just want a country that has a budget and real law for everyone! Our children and grandchildren are sunk without it!

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