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  • horridpace horridpace Dec 29, 2012 9:52 AM Flag

    I'm a middle class American who doesn't make excuses

    Holy shoot, all I hear is "I'm a middle class Republican and its Obama's fault" or "I'm a middle class Democrat and it's W Jr.'s fault", holy shoot, you guys sound just like my kids! Try this one - "I'm a middle class American who refuses to blame someone or something else for my success or plight." You think the cliff is about politics or democrat or republican or house or senate or president. NO WAY!! Oh my gosh, FIGURE IT OUT RETARDS!!!!!! It is a manifestation of inability to embrace personal accountability. Let me tell you, regardless of administration, I WILL be employed, I WILL provide for my family, and I will embrace discipline and drive to the point of making a drill sergeant vomit, I'll put the toughest battle tested grunt to shame, instead of blaming "housing bubbles" or "Greenspan artificially induced me to borrow because rates were so low" and on and on. The only way out of the fiscal mess is for people to embrace personal accountability.

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    • Unfortunately, you're in the minority now - assuming you really believe what you stated above. The era of personal accountability is no longer an American ideal for majority of Americans which is why we have unsustainable deficits of more than $1 trillion a year, and our debt is now over $16 trillion. Majority of Americans no longer believe that individuals are accountable to stay in school, get a job to pay for your own food, shelter, and healthcare. My jaw dropped when I heard Obama state that healthcare was a right that every American was entitled to at birth. Politicians know that no one wants to be accountable for themselves, which is why they keep passing more entitlement programs so that individuals don't have to be accountable. The gov't, not the individual, will take care of you from womb to tomb.

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      • The era of socialism is finally here! Viva Obama! Viva Obama! Viva Obama!

        Now we just have to take away all of the guns, get rid of all nuclear weapons, shut down CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and talk radio and we'll have complete control. We're getting very very close to guaranteeing super majorities and permanent Democrat Party control, which will allow us to take more from the rich and give more to the poor, and ultimately to amend the constitution to do whatever we would like to do, like appointing Obama for life!

        Viva Obama! Viva Obama! Viva Obama!

      • America:
        "If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed for you."
        "If you cannot afford a doctor when you are sick or hurt, HAHAHA #$%$!"

      • The Liberals will lower the standard of living for all. We will become a nation of "entitlements" as long as they can find people to pay for those that don't want to work or take care of themselves or others.

        The Liberals love the passage of drug legalization. It makes for more stupid people to vote for them.

      • Healthcare as a right is an interesting question, and one worth debating. Somethings that are a benefit to an individual are a bigger benefit, in aggregate, to the country.
        Education and infrastructure are two obvious ones. Having a healthy population certainly seems like another.

        Forget about entitlements to an individual for a moment and think about what role, if any, the government can play in making the population better able to compete in a global economy. Forget about the specifics for a moment (arguments that government is bad at running everything and therefore will be bad at healthcare). Is making America more competitive through having good infrastructure, educated and healthier citizens something we should pull together to try to achieve?

    • Well said, dude. I can't agree more.

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