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  • atrayu19 atrayu19 Jan 4, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    TC has come out and said a number of recent things regarding Apple

    I think some folks think making money in apple is like turning on a spigget. That only works for the shorts. For longs it has always been a bumpy road, hopefully we are losing the faint of heart azzholes who sell into panic.

    For Longs remember what TC has said. You should be confident apple will have record earnings this quarter. What is unknown is what the PPS will do.

    Here's is what TC has said recently during press briefs and interviews.

    1) Don't Bet against apple

    2) Best (Read: Record) iPhone launch ever in the states for the iPhone5.

    3) Best product launch ever in China. Regarding iPhone5

    4) Huge demand for Apple products in China

    5) iPad Mini practically sold out on opening weekend.

    How media channels have been able to pervert the clear indications of superior apple sales and product launches into fear and uncertainty for the retail investors is beyond what I can explain... but it's happening. Despite the CEO describing in a clear, concise manner the strength of apple and it's product lineup (along with stating "Record Launch and Sales" for the new products) the media fiends have somehow convinced folks that Apple is overvalued. If you have invested in apple before, you know that you load up during the panic sell offs. Apple is trading at negative growth pricing now, it could continue or get worse but that is very unlikely leading into and after earnings.

    Lot of folks forget that TC his been staunch in his support of the Company that you and I are long. One thing you need to remember is to always leave spare cash to buy apple when there is blood in the streets. This is not the first time the stock has been undervalued, those who can and do buy during the run downs have historically seen incredible gains.

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