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  • johnnycuckhold johnnycuckhold Jan 5, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    Windows 8 total disaster....they tried to replicate Apples apps and failed....


    Apple will dominate the PC space....Windows 8 will cause either HP or Dell into bankruptcy.

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    • Our experience is different but we took the time to research and listen.

      Bought Asus vivobook s400 14 inch Touch on sale for mid $6's drive out price with tax and some other discounts was about $607

      The listening part was if you get Windows 8 make sure you have a touch screen machine - it is a completely different experience - sweet!

      Intel Core i5 3317U 1.7 GHz Processor with turbo to 2.6GHz
      4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz SD-RAM
      500GB 5400RPM Hybrid Hard Drive with integrated 24GB Solid-State Drive

      from cold start to win8 is 10 seconds or less
      lightning fast quiet & cool running
      beautifully designed

      weight is 4lbs

      if you want a smaller lighter less expensive version try Asus x202 11.6 inch - 2.9 lbs (worth the money to spend a little more to get the 14 inch with the faster processor and 24G SSD

      Bought this sweet machine from Microsoft store - no bloatware

      Apples problem is competition is catching up and surpassing them leaving apple fan boyz and bag holders to pay excessive margins for no tech advance.

      Who in their right mind pays double the cost for neither double the technology nor design. Smart consumers aren't sheep and choose to pay a fair dollar for what they buy.

      I'm just saying.

      also for those who buy to try and enhance their status - there is no status associated with a product when the club is not exclusive and anyone can get one.

    • Please explain what you mean by "dominate". Apple now has about 10% PC market share. How much market share do you consider "dominate"?

    • .Nokia will surely double to $8 before Apple to $1000. Not comparing,its just about pps % increases.Making money on your investment is bottom line

    • was just looking at win 8 tablets and laptops. Win8 looks like a real miss. one thing I noted on the tablets.. the Surface actually has very good performance.. excellent in fact, but the other tablets and most of the laptops had HORRIBLE latency times. Most are underpowered to run Win8. That is going to equate to alot of #$%$ off consumers who buy them.

      Really you need a intel i7 chip to run it right.

      That said, I don't see it impacting Apple. Consumers will likely do what they did with Vista.. buy the Win8 product, wipe the hard drive and reinstall Win7 or XP, or dual boot.

    • its true. I have Win 8 on new HP laptop and its just awful. The apps are really lame too. Don't know what they were thinking.

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