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  • biglefthook_00 biglefthook_00 Jan 11, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Hundreds of BIllions of dollars in Jan 2013 calls gone

    70,000 Jan 2013 $800 calls that one sold for $80 as high as $ ten cents, etc

    There is a lesson here

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    • Those stubborn longs never learn... they're still chasing her down to 400 now... SAMSUNG GALAXY SIV with bendable OLED glass will crush APPLE... AAPL is digging its own hole right now, to be buried at earnings...

    • and it was done in three months taking apple to it's lowest valuation ever this near Q1 earnings. WS has priced in complete failure here. Apple fundamentals are strong as ever, so how to explain the divergance in stock price? Options are best explanation, all those options had to be wiped out.

      We are now trading at Feb 2012 level on the back of billions more cash on the books and 2 huge new products that have sold out to record demand domestically and internationally. We also now pay a divi and have share buyback announced since that time.....

      Anyone thinking apple trading at this value is explainable due to it's product/cash flow/future prospects is not someone you should listen to for very long.


      I've spoken with equities desks at big firms and though its hush hush, it's unquestionably an intense topic of conversation regarding apple's stock price.

    • 600 calls...70k

    • Wall Street Crooks making a killing keeping that option premium with CNBC driving the bus.
      So many people have said they have tripled or quadrupled their money on Weekly Options and then two weeks later you find out it's all gone.
      Welcome to the Wall Street Casino where the house has the advantage and knows exactly what to do to make sure everyone loses except the big boys.

    • typo...Jan 2013 $600 calls...

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