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  • silverhorseshoe269 silverhorseshoe269 Jan 14, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Apple is doing the absolute best thing with ZERO response! SPOT ON!

    The no response tells investors they do not agree with the lies spewed from "sources" and by not responding it keeps from becoming a scenario of bickering little girls and "he said, she said". Do you want Apple to have a full time staff dispelling rumors no matter how ridiculous they are? Apple is spot on by letting real numbers speak for themselves, and that will be on January 23.

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    • scropos21 Jan 14, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

      I'm with you 100%, Silver. For all we know, Apple has decimated the results from the multiple-colored iPod Touch series over the holidays and has moved ahead with plans to launch the multi-colored, multi-sized 5S phones at the end of March, and that's the reason for the order cuts.

      In other words, if they truly are making the move to different colors and sizes, there's a LOT that needed to be tested, and they would have needed preparation for 2 scenarios: Scenario 1-The color-testing (we all know how anal they can be about this) and multi-size testing takes longer than expected and they need to keep rolling out the existing iPhone 5's. Scenario 2-The color and size testing goes smoothly and they're prepared for a late March rollout, thus cutting component orders for the iPhone 5, and they are ready to rollout the iPhone 5S.

      In short, there is *nothing* that one can take from component cuts, other than speculation.

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    • Of course. Apple won't address any of the yellow journalism. 61 times since 1995 apple has been declared dead. Shorts are nothing if persistent and largely broke.

    • Absolutely right. If they respond to this one then they have to respond to all of them or a non-response then becomes an acceptance. It's just the way it is.

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    • tbc1962 Jan 14, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

      I think in this case one would hope that silence means class and confidence not fear and worry.

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