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  • aapl_1000 aapl_1000 Jan 14, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    Apple Sell-Off Based On Misleading Reports

    Buy rating and a $700 price target. Take it from a PRO.

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    • There is nothing misleading in this report.
      It states facts, and only facts, therefore it can not be possibly misleading.
      It may be wrong from start to finish, but not misleading.
      Haven't you people take a class in formal logic?

    • If the rumor garbage sends us down 4% in an instant,....

      All it really means is that the reality of ER can send us up 15-20%.

      MSFT, RIMM, FB, GOOG, NFLX all are set to have very disappointing ER. Be interesting to see how that is treated when retail figures out Apple made all the money.

    • Note the detail of what is being said here. It is not that demand is lower than it was: it is that demand is lower than Apple thought it would be. That’s a very different scenario. So we don’t actually know, at least we don’t from this information, what the actual level of demand is. Is it higher than last quarter? Lower? We simply have no idea at all. All we do know is that expected demand is lower than Apple expected it to be: and we don’t know what Apple expected demand to be either.

      But the bottom line is that given we don’t know the internal projections we don’t know what expected sales level the cut is from

    • I know. This is ridiculous! Watch the real news will be posted at some point soon. Could be they changed suppliers! Could be they changed the product screens. Could be they are still selling more than expected but not as many as they ordered...$700+ target is reasonable to expect. Bank of Amercia came out with $720 this morning after hearing this supposed news. They said buy on dip as a huge opportunity.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • time to buy when bloods on the street and people are jumping out of the stock. Check out the board.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • face it, report is not misleading. it shows slowing sales. why else cut?

    • I have noticed that CNBC is reporting and adding their own words onto what I have read. Lot of assumptions.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • There is nothing misleading in this report.
      Apple asked to cut their order of iPhone 5 LCDs in half.
      It's not like they will ship iPhones without displays.
      Or is it the new cheap iPhone, with no display?

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      • January 14, 11:19 AM On cue, Apple's (AAPL -2.8%) sell-side fans are defending it following reports of iPhone component order cuts due to weaker-than-expected demand. UBS, one of the first to report of production cuts, says it detects no change to iPhone orders since December, though it worries shares could be pressured near-term. Wells Fargo notes Apple's 65M-unit iPhone 5 display order (per The Nikkei) was "an unrealistic number to begin with." JPMorgan says it only forecast 25M calendar Q1 iPhone 5 builds regardless.

      • I hope you have a patent on that idea. It might be the NEXT BIG THING apple comes out with. I'm sure most of their customers won't mind a phone without displays as long there is an apple logo on the back.

      • It is misleading because there is no way that Apple planned on making 65M iPhone 5s this quarter. Apple obviously placed grossly inflated pre-orders with their 3 vendors and then lowered the order once they determined that each vendor could manufacture the screens in bulk.

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