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  • spraetty spraetty Jan 14, 2013 5:03 PM Flag

    Obama !!

    I mentioned a long time ago on these message boards about Obama.Did you all see the PRES. on CNBC this afternoon,I'll say it again he is nothing but a P.T. Barnum very smooth talker, you all know what he was, an american showman,a businessman with his own personal agenda in his own personal mind,entertainer,remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes.HE is in the next four years 'FUNDAMENTALLY" going to change the way of life as we "once" knew it, at the American peoples expense.America has changed since Obama has come to office.And this is just the beginning. Do you all agree ?My friend told me Obama is taking a gasoline engine into a covered wagon.

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    • You use that campaign phrase "Fundamentally change, blah blah" as if it is a sinister calculated message to a secret group to destroy America rather than just a throw away bit of campaign rhetoric.
      Were you one of those people who got their panties in a knot of George HW Bush's New World Order?

      Lighten up.

    • I also said that if this man won a second term and he did he will slowly take the country apart where we will be unable to defend ourselves and he will destroy our economy one step at a time....

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      • Obama is a pathological lier! There is no correlation with what he says and what he does - He has a far left wing socialistic agenda - ( likes to redistribute wealth) both from individuals in this country and from this country to others. The media had better wake up - soon - or there will be no future for anyone. Obama is a clearly an outright danger to traditional USA values. He basically bought the election thru handouts. He s certainly not qualified for the job.

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