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  • bullnoshort bullnoshort Jan 15, 2013 9:54 PM Flag


    These analysts crack me up....the lower apple gets the more "bottom" has been reached calls start popping up. i cant wait for this pos to hit low 200's and see what they keep saying. What a joke. Who in their right mind would even buy here...its just another msft, dell, etc.... Apple is just another company now get that straight.

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    • just another company that earns more than any company in the world. sure lets bring it to zero makes sense.

    • You will see a hurricane coming tomorrow that will lift AAPL to 500s and soon 600s... May see big gap up tomorrow morning... Tom Demark is spot on 97% of the time... Demands for APPLE products are incredible and earnings will be outstanding 55-60 millions iPhones sold... New iPhones and China Mobile deal along with different payments installments for China will take AAPL to another level... Soon APPLE will also be #1 in China too...

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