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  • likinnok likinnok Jan 16, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Did apple learn to innovate last night, write map code that works and not screw up I tunes

    So apple must have learned how to innovate eve without Steve Jobs overnight. The must have learned how to write a map program and recognize when one should never have been released. They must have learned how to build a value priced phone that International buyers in developing countries can afford. They must have figured out why it took them this amount of years to figure out they needed a lower cost phone. The must have learned how to fix the iTunes they screwed up. They must have secured Chinas largest celluar carrier that Nokia has a written contract with. They must have figured out how to make teenagers think that it apple is cool again instead of the Microsoft Tablets and Nokia Lumia 920's that teenagers now think is the cool thing. Go to any mall or starbucks.

    The stock is going back up so I guess all these things resolved overnight. Is that correct. Which one if any did the fix?

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    • calls_them_as_i_see_them calls_them_as_i_see_them Jan 16, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

      Maps, iTunes upgrade, Apple Mobile, Ping, wonder how all these disasters happen. With all the money they have cant they pay a team to beta test?

    • What happened to the after the bell news from Cook about a contract with China that so many said was going to be announced. What a unique way of doing business. You fly across the world trying to get a contract for a phone that has not been built yet? In developing countries they use prepaid phones. The market that can afford to buy an unlocked Ipad outright is limited. Why is everyone blindly in love with Apple. What the F... are they doing every day. Seriously because not one thing has happened that Steve Jobs did not create. So they are just sitting around surfing the web or what. I am being serious. Every other phone company has come up with incredible phones with gps that works unbelievable cameras etc. Apple changes a cord or color or who know what. They interviewed the crowd waiting in line last time and said "what feature are you looking forward to" most of the people said I don't know I just want the phone". You can only spin an old phone so many times before it is putting lipstick on a pig. I used to carry an Apple device. Today I saw my text alerts and email updating on live tiles. The weather RADAR map appeared in a tile showing how far the rain was away from me. I used a voice assisted turn by turn gps navigation system that works great in the background. My whole life and business is on life tiles updating in real time on My Nokia Lumia. Why would anyone still want a phone that has static Icons that look 2009ish. Seriously why would you not want to be updated in real time. Windows 8 and Nokia are working hard every day innovating. What are they doing every day at APPLE. Can anyone figure it out. I am not joking or trying to be funny. I have seen tech companies on the inside and many people do not know about all the game rooms, lounges, grills, basketball courts etc.

    • probably not...but they have net income values and cash that makes their competition look like they are running lemonade stands (comparatively). The bad press and low share price are turning the stock into a pump and dump....again.
      Needs to hit 1000 to get rid of the rest of the gamblers.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Why yes, they slept at a Holiday Inn last night!

    • All manipulation, look at how hard it fell and how much it recovered today all on average volume.

    • Do you honestly think this selloff had anything to do with maps. Nobody gives a #$%$ about maps LOL Learn where you're going #$%$. It was another non issue to justify the most massive manipulation since Goldman Sachs and all their Jewish Market Makers destroyed the housing market and blamed it on you

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      • I think if you cannot write code that does not send emergency workers into rivers and forests, it matters. It you matters even more that you cannot tell that it is a disaster. It also matters that there may be a write down on earnings. If you have to use google apps because you cannot write the code, maybe google does everything better. Maps is the single most used function of a phone second to voice calls. Yes, since that was the first thing they tried without Steve Jobs it matters. It cost people thousands and thousands of dollars in lost money. Hard earned money. I am one of them. What the hell are they doing all day at work. Working out, playing games. Seriously what the hell do they do all day. Nothing new that works has come out. They should be required to pay everyone that lost money back in a class action law suit. That is what should happen.

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    • tbc1962 Jan 16, 2013 2:45 PM Flag

      Yes, they took an online class last night.

    • give it up and cover already

    • All of the above....

    • You drank the kool-aid so i must say good bye.

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