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  • funniebucket funniebucket Jan 18, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    if AAPL doesn't close over 500 today then AAPL is in big Troubles...

    this is not a hoax post... take this serious... no joke

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    • She is heading to here next destination at 425...

    • The only thing that's in big troubles is your english.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • funnie why would this matter much? we think opex will magnet pps as close to 500 as you can get, plus a great many others expect this too.. sort of a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts

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      • the fact we closed over 497 yesterday was a relief but we need to close over 500... actually we can close within a half a point of 500 and it would stop the bleeding but this stock is hyper sensitive to nervous earnings players and anyone holding that stock whether it be funds or the public on line trader... no earnings run tells you how everyone is on pins and needles... our biggest problem with AAPL isn't going to be the earnings unless they blow out earnings by more than 3.00 over street estimate... it is the going forward next 2 quarters that has this stock facing the possible 450-area and maybe even the gap-fill at the 420-425-area... the company has a lot to prove to not only itself but to shareholders and share-seekers... AAPL better chalk-up a few good deals to show that it can expand its growth or this stock will be tossed into the value category right quick... and a new unheard of revolutionary product is mandatory at this point to expand the company... we still think there is room for growth going forward with their existing products and a few new products but that is why the stock has pulled-back from 700 to 500... and now it only equates the return approximately equal to the stock market S&P 500... it hasn't proven that is can outpace the averages... and that is what we try to do without investments... we don't want to tie the averages... we want to beat them consistantly

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