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  • abbeysmaster abbeysmaster Jan 18, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Here's a story about China that will bring the bashers out in force - longs may be skeptical too but it's true.

    So I'm nervously shopping on the local Apple stores counting customers and trying to distinguish those that my be getting set up, are in for service etc. from those who are actually buying product. Sadly, I do this a lot now with all of the negative noise around the name. As we're leaving my wife notices an Asian gentleman at one of the large tables surrounded by staff who are bringing stock to him from the back. They're stacking IPhone 5's in stacks and counting and recording them with him.

    He's on his cell phone the entire time with his customer/broker/Amex agent and more. I tell her I have to ask him what's happening here and then she points me to the areas under the table that has been filling up with poly bags full of the same boxes. So i barge in and inquire as to how many and where they're going. He's Vietnamese but explains the phones are going to China. He was taking delivery of 300 units and explained he's in every week. He was very open and friendly and because he made the comments in front of the staff I felt okay about confirming all of this with them.

    Now, for anyone willing to look up my posts from the middle to late December, you'll see I was reporting then what I was witnessing in the three Hong Kong stores, organized chaos with lines for pre-orders winding around the enormous showroom. We can also agree that he's not floating the cash and taking the risk for no markup. So how can his model work if he's not getting a big lift on price... and since he must be, how can these items be short by any stretch.

    Now I'll wait to learn that I'm a J*^&( lying, gay, corrupt, fake screen name fanboy from the maniacs - but for investors, take this narrative to heart.

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