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  • smisoltr06 smisoltr06 Jan 19, 2013 4:02 AM Flag

    Worried about guidance

    It is so rare that AAPL missed earnings, bottom and top line, and I think that they will be just fine this time around, but guidance worries me, Q4 is usually AAPL's best, we will see, I think that there is something behind this selloff, in my opinion there is just as much risk going long as there is going short, not to mention MMs manipulating options. There is no quick buck to be made in my opinion, either long or short on AAPL stock, the only certainty is volatility in the stock. If I was to put money in play at the moment, I would probably short enterprise tech, like EMC, Dell, VMW, CSCO, ORCL and the like, due to a lot of capex spending cut backs, from companies small and large like the global back I work for at the moment. Some of the transports and the energy names are over bought just like the rest of the market. In my opinion the money on the long side has been made and short term looking into puts will be rewarded rather than chasing the market which is propped higher by the powers that be. all the talking heads are making a huge deal out of the billions of dollars waiting on the sideline, as soon as some of this money comes into the market, Wall Street will juice the markets by looking for any excuse to sell. Leaving the average joe with a strange look on their face like what just happened. I think that the fact the stock markets are pushing 52 week highs and AAPL is struggling with 52 week lows, is a big tell, AAPL's earning could prove to be a pivot point for the market direction. Tread carefully and good luck to all.

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    • Apple is always very conservative about guidance. Even when they miss, they only miss the rumored number not their own guidance. Hopefully Cook will give a realistic guidance.

    • Good post

    • Dude you don't belong in AAPL stock or any other stock from your comments. You sound scared and scared money don't win. AAPL,announced CHL Deal buy back dividend in any Oder stock jumps $60'easy. They beat ER $6oo in a flah

    • I am worried too. AAPL's 42% drop in early 2008 was caused by a general bear market.
      That isn't happening right now, so the downside on AAPL is more limited.
      Perhaps a 33% drop ($472). AAPL is on an up cycle of a 10 day cycle, so it may not happen.
      Apple products enjoy tremendous brand loyalty and unlike RIMM and Motorola, are well designed and well built.
      I remember the former CEO at Motorola in 1994 saying that the market for cellphones was saturated.
      I didn't think that at the time and I still don't.
      4G LTE technology will open up new doors (like video).

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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