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  • ace_92029 ace_92029 Jan 19, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    Andy Zaky

    Andy Zackys Bullish Cross has lost about 90% of it value for 2012! Since the stock is only at $500 now and Andy recommended a bunch of different recovery spreads, his recovery spreads are down 40% more. So if you started with $100,000 Jan 1, 2012 you would have $10,000 on dec 31st and about $6,000 today, so a 94% loss.

    Now Andy has doled out many unofficial recommendation during the last few months. For instance, in October Andy Zaky said the $900 - $1,000 Jan 2014 call spread is an easy 10 bagger and you could recover losses with this great spread. That spread cost $8 back then. Today it is worth 80 cents. He also pushed the $850-$950 spread also down about 70%. All in 3 months.

    Zaky has missed EPS by as much an any independent analyst or professional out of the 50 that Ive read. His recommendations are horrible. His strategy is to take more and more risk without the fear of losing everything and big 90% drawdowns are part of his investment strategy tolerance. Of course his loyal follower are down 94% in their account values, so they won't be able to afford his $2,000 fees.

    If you want to lose your money faster than any other adviser, I suggest using Zakys service. He's a real charlatan with basically little understanding about risk.

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    • As I mentioned once or twice before, ana! cy$t$ can be a pain in the #$%$ LOL

    • Not that I am a fan of Zaky, but how about E. Zabitsky who recommended shorting AAPL when it was around $200 per share? He has a $270 price target. Similar situation with Doug Kass ( a lot of press lately) who had a price target of $90 since 2010. If you pick an analyst in the middle or use an average, AAPL is still a screaming buy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Zaky used to have a great track record especially when he alerted people on those buy signals - didn't work this year though. What I always found interesting though is he just assumed these growth numbers would come through until 2015 peak earnings. What he failed to contemplate was how competition could affect Apple's products and business. It's to hard to guess 2014 and 2015 if you don't know what the competitive landscape looks like.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • For Christi sake, does he own any shares or only derivatives.

      Avoid the big inning.

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      • He owned a ton of 650-700s Call Spreads for Jan 2013. Got wiped out of over 90% of that position before he sold out. I believe he lost most of has $4 million dollars. He is big into recovering that and immediately reinvested in Jan 2014 spreads and some 2013 quarterlies. Those new spreads are all down another 30-60% more. He is getting crushed and does not take any responsibility for his very bad advice. In fact out of the tons of bad advices he doles out he touts his SPY performance being up over 10% in 2 years over the index. Not bad, if most of his site wasn't focused on Apple and his losses of 94% on those recommendation.

        He is losing his business quickly now and his name is being dragged through the mud. I doubt he will ever have the audacity to publish another article on Apple. He's been pretty tough on analysts and nothing to justify his own horrendous performance.

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