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  • rc3eagles rc3eagles Jan 19, 2013 4:10 PM Flag

    pre earnings bashing at CNBC started last week.

    One of the fast money guys aid "AAPL beats earnings" now what?
    as if the world ends the monet they report, they dont have that type of attitude towards anyother earnings report.
    do they realy think the end comes when AAPL reports ?
    Its as if they are already to bash no matter what AAPL earns, you can see this comming a mile away.
    They did the same thing to the bank stocks in 2008-09 bashed them into single digits.

    Everybody talks of capitulation, that only happens when a company is trully sick and earnings or whatever is really hurtting the company. AAPL and longs have no reason what so ever to capitulate. This down draft was for one reason only, to wipe out the CALL options. Not because longs and bulls need to give up for any reason at all.

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    • Its amazing to me how everything seemed to turn on a dime starting in October. Before that CNBC still bashed but it wasn't a relentless "Apple can do no right at anything"! Just go down the list. Sales falling, margins falling, quality falling, Samsung eating lunch, no OMG product, Cooks bad CEO, Teens now hate anything Apple, Cramers daughter now hates Apple. EVERYBODY AND HIS BROTHER NOW HATES APPLE. I mean what the #$%$?

    • a sustained $200 billion market cap decline is much less likely to be caused by stock manipulation. It is more likely related to fundamental concerns about apple's future by investors. and they are screaming @ you that apple will post a double didgit percent drop in EPS on wednesday.

    • lloyd_rubenstein Jan 19, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

      Last Week? Do you even have a position rc3? I say this because we having been intentionally planting rumors and using our slush fund of TARP money to pay off analysts and drag this down since September. The second reason I ask you whether you're a shareholder is because your posts look like they were written by a two year old. Get some pride and do a spell check before posting. Have some dignity. Thanks again for the money...bye.

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      • yes i do have a position which is "large for me:"
        and of course the bashing began much earlier then last week.
        regarding "thanks for the money"
        no worries, as im absolutly position #$%$ like yourselves are all across the market, and ive been plucking yoour feathers for a very long time. maybe you recognise "your money" theres alot more where that came from.
        Im sitting on a huge pile of "your money" and just because you guys won one hand doesnt mean the game is over. And as long as you guys have such a large stock pile of cash, ill keep draining it away. Once in a while youll get some back. after all you must be desperate to "need" a network station, and several paid news papers to try to get "your money back"
        If you were really that good, you wouldnt need to call upon your dirty tricks dept, if anything it shows the sheer desperation of people that are better at pulling striings, than actually making great clean trades, like i do.
        Ive doubled up on my positions and swung it both ways the past week. Theres not alot anybody can do about a sunday rag slipping in a bomb before the market opens. but once the play book was aparant, it wasnt hard getting most of my "single day loss" back.

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