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  • king_foo_bar king_foo_bar Jan 21, 2013 6:50 AM Flag

    aapl shares to trade at 400 dallars and 60 dallars

    the shares of the apple stock to fall like the big rat jumping off sinking ship, after the earnings. the earnings to be solid but not too great and the people saying that apple no longer in peak expansion mode for to making the very much money, and that now they just like regualar company and the samsung starting for to eat the lunch. I short the stock at 547 dallars and making the much money on the shorts. I go out for to make the disco dancing if apple falls to 460 dallars.

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    • I the master trader, I short the shares of aapl at 547 dallars and then cover the short in the after hour type of market at 462.76 and making the much money as I shorting the 2000 shares. I to go out tonight for to making the disco dancing. I wach the stock for future trading, I thinkinng maybe it recover at bit and make disco dance type move up to 485, but then selling off again. My target for the shares of the aapl is more like 408 dollars as the low in the next 5 months.

    • Apple is a slow juggernaut... They can't react fast enough to changing situations....They got too big and many are living on their laurels....Being complacent and not eager will slowly degrade their shine...Smartphones now 5" or larger... Appel needs to step up their production of their so called new family of phones idea... You can't just have only one smartphone ... Remember the old adage. Dont put all your eggs in one basket....

    • the fact that you can't spell negates anything your posting.

    • Do you know just how flick up you are?

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      • I master trader, I making the much money trading the stocks, selling the put option, and shorting the high volume stocks using the tools of the master trader. I making the much money, it very easy for to making the money on the apple stock. Right now it still in technical downtrend and maybe it to make drop like rat off sinking ship, or maybe it to trade in range, if it in the range I selling more of the put options and makiing the much dallars, and if it dive like rat to 460 I making very much money and to go out for to make the disco dance for to celebrate.

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