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  • buylow40 buylow40 Jan 21, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    CNBC talks about innovation yet they pump RIMM.

    RIMM is so far behind its not even funny yet CNBC talks about apple lack of innovation.

    So sad how they try to steal the investors and people listen to them.

    RIMM is back to $7 after launch.

    Perfect short opportunity.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • rem they was call apple 4 horsemen, now they call dead man walking stock

    • like they had been pump aapl from 400 to 700 and they bashing apple back down to 300

    • Wall street pumpers got the message....they filled their stockings with cheap RIMM shares, and now its time to pump up the share price. This new found praise of RIMM will last til the end of summer IMO.

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      • the reality though is RIMM continues to lose money, saw its market share in Smartphones tumble from 7% end of 2011 to 3% end of 2012. RIMM's new model they're about to introduce, is merely catching up in some specs. with the IPHONE4 (not even the iPHONE4S). Unless the new BB10 is given away no money down in India and similar places where people can only afford cheap, who's going to want to buy it? Its not going to get them market share back in USA. Don't buy into the Pump. RIMM has NO EARNINGS and NO PROSPECT FOR EARNINGS... and every quarter it loses money, it works off more of its dwindling cash reserves (now down to about 3% of Apple's total cash or cash equivalents). RIMM was "passed over" by GOOG when it bought MOT, and "passed over" by MSFT which made a deal with NOK. RIMM IS TOAST.

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