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  • pimpcarlosdaddy11 pimpcarlosdaddy11 Jan 22, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

    samsung phones a pice of #$%$ AAPL #1 quality



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    • Keep telling yourself that. Obviously, Samsung phones are better, if it were not so, people wouldn't be buying them. So you stick to your outdated iPhones whiles the rest of us enjoy the highest quality phones that money can buy.

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    • APPLE is a one-trick pony and that pony is showing it's weakness

    • Can you ask SIRI how to spell "piece?"

    • LOL, a few quarters ago, the balance of power was that both Apple and Samsung couldn't live without each other, but now that Apple is gradually losing its foothold, Samsung clearly has an advantage now. If Apple can't figure its own problems in three quarters, it never will. The iPhone 4 and 5 are nothing but jokes. By the way, I am an Apple user. At this point, I don't see Apple coming up with any new products for next three months. Watch out for next earning. It is going to get uglier...

    • Having both an iphone and Samsung Galaxy Note II, and not having an Android or Apple religion, I can tell you that the Galaxy Note II is an absolutely awesome phone. I far prefer the larger screen and this was my first dip into Android, and it works fine. It is sad there is so much bashing. Apple makes a good phone and so does Samsung, and the competition is raising the quality of smartphones PERIOD. It will be interesting to see the new HTC phone coming out as well as an iphone 5s as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4 that is rumored to have unbreakable screen. I wish folks wouldn't be idol worshippers with their phones.

    • lol...Apple is the POS....its iOS is as old and dated as they come. BB10 will blow that POS back to where it belongs.

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    • Apple's phone IS higher quality. But more people are buying Samsung, that's the bottom line. that's why Apple's hand is being forced, and will be coming out with new lower-priced models. They can't get away with bloated prices any more.

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      • More people are buying Samsung? Really? Not smart phones. Samsung only sold 15mm galaxies in the most recent quarter. AAPL will sell 50mm plus. More that 3 times Samsung. You cannot count dumb phones and smart phones that are not used as smart phones in Samsung's numbers.

      • The biggest GAG is the internal Flash memory. i They charge extra $100 for 16 to 32GB and then from 32 to 64. True the access is slightly faster but I think most people would like to have an option for a micro-sd slot and buy aftermarket for 90$ cheaper,BUT then this would dilute profits.

        NewYork Times: Technology

        Apart from the look and feel of their products, there’s a key difference between Amazon’s new tablets and Apple’s iPads: the amount of money each company charges for storage. Apple customers typically pay more to get extra gigabytes, but over all, both companies do a major markup on memory.

        Take the example of the 8.9-inch version of the Kindle Fire HD. Its Wi-Fi model comes in two options: 16 gigabytes for $300 and 32GB for $370; to enjoy 16 extra gigabytes of storage, a customer pays $70 more. For its smaller 7-inch tablets, Amazon charges $50 more for an extra 16 gigabytes.

        Now look at Apple’s iPad. You can get a 16GB model for $500, a 32GB model for $600 or a 64GB one for $700. That’s $100 extra for that first 16GB bump, then a relatively cheap $100 to get from there to 64GB.

        Of course, when you buy a new gadget, you’re not just paying for a slab of components. The maker of the product is trying to get you to cover the cost of research and development, manufacturing and advertising, and still rake in some profit. But when you get an iPad or Amazon tablet with 32GB as opposed to 16GB, extra space is all you’re paying for.

        And it turns out that the cost of flash memory chips is dropping significantly. In a report issued Friday, RBC Capital Markets points out that the cost to device makers of 8GB of the flash memory used in tablets has declined from $6.82 in the beginning of the year to $3.63 now, representing a 46 percent drop.

        Doug Freedman, the analyst at RBC who wrote the report, points out that while the cost of the chips has fallen, the final cost to the consumer has barely decreased at all. Even though Kindle tablet customers usually pay

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