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  • thinkur thinkur Jan 23, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

    I am a small investor & I'm nervous about toay

    I am holding 50 shares of AAPL (Long) - at an average of ~$537#$%$ about 63% of my investing capital. I'm nervous about what I should do in the next couple of hours.

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    • Was able to sell 44 of my shares on the down cliff - avoided the majority of the damage
      39 shares @ $506.15
      5 shares @ 507.00

      I am not terribly disappointed.

    • If you do anything at all, please DO NOT listen to anything, absolutely anything posted on these message boards. These yahoo finance boards are the absolute bottom of the barrel - these people have no credentials, and most are outright lying to try to manipulate novices like yourself into making bad decisions. Read up from some trusted sources (all of which will just tell you to hold for the long term, depending on your investment horizon). Or consult a financial adviser (who will also probably tell you to hold for the long term).

      But I can't stress it enough - do not let ANYTHING on these boards influence what you do with your money - be it good sentiment to buy more or bad sentiment to sell. None of it is based on due diligence or fact.

    • Hold for the long term....don't react to the day-to-day machinations of the inscrutable market and the thousands of day traders that move prices willynilly. This is the greatest American company in existence and it has doubters and many haters of its unparalled success. Pick price targets that you're willing to sell (dump for a loss or for a profit), and if the stock exceeds your upside, make a determination to raise your stop or upside price targets. Asking for advice on this board is not a good idea because you have greed and fear driving their responses from both longs and shorts. Do your own due diligence, and always question free advice like my own. Good luck.

    • You are a f #$%$ short who tried to suggest my post on gore was retarded because you and the gumptard you replied to were rtoo retarded to unstand my post or even that Gore did not sell. ROFLOL at you gumpers.

      Enjoy the $50 bump tonight.

      The rest of you who replied to this shead might give some thought to who you are replying to and what his motivations are... especially since you can see his bias is to suggest the stock will get punched down to well below the recent lows, even though the present valuation assumes no earnings growth this year.

      ridiculous... and if any of you are "nervous" about owning the world's premier consumer electronics company at historically low valuations right in the early part of the company's power curve, you really ought to buy stocks like PG and JNJ and clip your dividend coupons.... You can come back to appl in a few years when aapl's growth slows to only x those companies (vs 5x their growth rates now) and aapl increases the dividend payout a bit such that it too yields 3% or more... of course, the stock will likely be trading at $1200 or more in three years.

    • you are a really crazy.... because never you cant put 63% in one stock... now my recomendations is only wait!!!!! belive in GOD !!!!! thats all baby!!!!!!!!!!! never neverrrrr repeat this! ROOKIE!

    • Since you're small you should play options, get wiped out.,quit school because you can no longer afford it and continue working for minimum wage. It's all about planning for the future.

    • First off you are CRAZY putting 63% of your money in ANY STOCK.... Secondly if you are really worried(AND BELIEVE ME YOU SHOULD BE) then buy short term PUT options against what you have invested. For example, if you have 500 shares of apple then you would want to buy 5 PUTS(equaling control of 500 shares) against the shares you hold on the long side. Right now you could buy 5 puts of the FEB470 at around 10 bucks.. Of course that will run you 5K but it limits your loss if the stock tanks to only a 30 point loss, after that you are covered on the short side of it. If the earnings are good then you will lose the 5k(insurance) but GAIN that back with a 10 point increase. Heres the deal, APPLE is flying either up or down after tonights earnings for sure so it depends upon how much you think. Believe me it is not going to rise or fall just 30 points over the next week, it will be a 100 point swing one way or the other.....guaranteed.....

    • Yep me too.Let's hope forthe best!

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I want this stock to turn around starting today but the only people who have a clue as of now are insiders (obviously the general public will know a lot more at 4 ET today). My rec would to be hold through the end of March and re-evaluate from there. How long have you owned the stock? Average time held for any stock is approx 11 months- remember that. GL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • it may swing 30 in either direction after earnings. If you can live with that, hold.

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