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  • cmsent2 cmsent2 Jan 24, 2013 10:36 AM Flag


    Google, "Is market or are markets RIGGED" and you will now get 1000's of credible articles that say YES. Almost ALL "retail" so called "little people" or "mom and pops" have LEFT THE MARKET, probably for good. BURNED so many times, seen their life savings CREAMED by Goldman and others so many times, they just said, "NEVER AGAIN". Uncle Ben at CLUB FED and the Dumbama REGIME are 100% nothing more than PAWNS for the global elites- the ONE WORLDER BANKERS, the people who really run and own this planet. They start the proxy wars we're in, they created the bogey man of so called "terrorism" to run WAR, inc and keep it greased, they raise up and bring down world leaders and entire governments, they fleece the 3rd world of its human capital and monetary wealth and oil and minerals, etc. SEVENTY PERCENT of ALL daily trading volume in the CASINO still called our "free markets" is now done via computers- NOTHING but computers "trading" against other computer so "shave" off micro pennies and set options schemes that YOU and I can NEVER, ever beat or get ahead of. The days of picking a solid company, with good products and earnings, etc and the holding it and SLOWLY making money, eventually a life's fortune over time are GONE. They can take ANY COMPANY and CRUSH IT at will, using their algorithms and schemes. Freaking Apple has more CASH than the U.S. Govt (not even exaggerating) and they have more earnings power than any company on the DOW or S%P except for perhaps the oil giants. Yet, it's stock price is played with like a baby toy- EVERY WEEK they set programmed options schemes than can wipe out the value of Joe Q. Publics shares- at will. The P/E now means NOTHING. They will run bogus "news" stories by "media" companies OWNED BY THE SAME BANKS AND WALL ST firms that own EVERYTHING else on this planet- it's all RIGGED. Right now I'm reading "The Quants" by Scott Patterson. Read that book and his previous book "Dark pools" and you will know its ALL RIGGED.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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