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  • jshmyhrn jshmyhrn Jan 24, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    Apple sheep still pathetic - the bottom is still far from here $320

    You were all warned. You stayed way too long. This is called economic reality. Hardware companies do not maintain profit margins of 40%, more like 10% when it is all said and done. Apple will continue to have declining profit margins and lower multiples applied to its stock price.

    As far as all the BS analysts that cover Apple - shame on you for NEVER having any common sense. When Apple was at $500, it was the largest market cap company in the world, yet most analyst had Apple's price going up over 80% to 100% from this level? Uuh? The largest company in the world will grow to become the largest company in the world again??? For this is what it would have taken for Apple to go from $500 to $900/$1,0000 - Apple would have had to have the ability to grow another Apple. LAUGHABLE - this would be like hitting the powerball lottery twice in 2 years - good luck.

    Complete BS analysis by the experts with their cartoonish price targets. All are a joke. Common sense would tell you their numbers were pure fantasy.

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